Windy is very much like her father, Zack, in looks and in spirit. She is big-boned, with a nice coat and a big, blocky-type head and muzzle.


At 10 months, she wass 27 1/2 inches at the shoulder and 100 pounds. Even as big and powerful as she has grown to be, she is Omega Female in the pack, docile even with her younger half-sister, Lil’ Red.


Windy’s call name given by her previous owner was ‘Ms. Black’, but we decided to change it to ‘Windswept Woods’ in honor of Mr. Amy’s Acres windy , whose name is Wood. Without him, none of our doggie dreams would be possible!


Windy won her American, Canadian, and International Championship Title in Chicago at the Windy City Classic June 16, 2007.




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12/06 — Sire: CDC's Amy Acres Kings Polar


01/08 — Sire: CDC’s Guardian Ranger of SkyWarrior


12/08 — Sire: CH Whispering Woods Berrin of CDC


12/09 — Sire: Jack of CDC


12/10 — Sire: Jack of CDC (owner gallery to come)


08/11 — Sire: PT CDC Amy Acres Kings Polar (owner gallery to come)

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