Show #10: Seven Lakes Classic 2008 at Holly, MI with Powder & Brutis


Show #9: Delaware River Classic July 2008 at Pennsville, NJ with Cilla, Onyx & Sopheara


Show #8: Wolverine Classic June 2008 at Ann Arbor, MI with Onyx, Powder & Sopheara


Show #7: Buckeye Classic April 2008 at Middletown, OH with Brutis, Cilla & Powder


Show #6: Motor City Classic October 2007 at Ann Arbor, MI with Brutis & Powder


Show # 5: Windy City Classic June 2007 at Chicago, IL with Brutis, Powder & Windy


Show #4: Ann Arbor Classic August 2006 at Ann Arbor, MI with Berrin, Lil' Red & Windy


Show #3: Buckeye Classic March 2006 at Columbus, OH with Berrin, Cilla & Lil' Red


Show #2: Rarities November 2005 at Allentown, PA with Berrin, Cilla, Lil' Red & Polar


Show #1: Rarities March 2005 at Fort Washington, PA with Berrin, Cilla & Powder


Sharing the Show Ring Accomplishments of Others : Highlighting the triumphs of some good people we’ve met along the way


A special thanks to Marla, who drove from Virginia to handle Lil’ Red for us and for great D-Flite show tack box and thank you most of all for being one of the most giving people, with knowledge and anything else you can to do, you will do and with no hidden agenda. You’re great!


Thank you, Kelly N., for handling Berrin for us, earning all those points and a major, putting me and four dogs up at your place and coming all the way from Ohio. Thanks to Johnny as well.


Thank you, Kelly Z. and Dan, for driving and handling Cilla, earning her another major.


Thank you to Carmen and Dave for coming all the way from New Jersey with “Action Jackson” to show your support.


Jackie, Kevin, Hannah, and Samuel — thank you for driving up to show your support and for helping with the dogs and for always treating me like family.


A thank you to Cathie, the first King Shepherd person to befriend me, who opened my eyes to the truth, reality, and “facts” about the King breed at a time when I was naive and looking for information that one would think was a given.


Thanks to Dawn, for her encouragement, always, and her kind, brave words.


To Kendall and Brooxye (whose is surely now in Heaven), thank you for believing in me and entrusting me with your girls.


And thanks to Jess, for the many fun road trips to shows, picking up dogs, and so much more.

There are numerous thank yous to so many more for their input , advice, and help along the way and in the future.


To all of you, it’s an honor to be your friend. smiley

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