Lil’ Red at the beach


Lil’ Red is now far from little! At 4 1/2 years of age, she is 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs 112 pounds. Of all our female King Shepherds, she is the biggest and has good, big, strong bone structure. Her coat is long and thick, just beautiful! And her personality is awesome!


Red came to us almost as if it were “meant to be”. A lady we happened to meet who is devoted to the King Shepherd breed and now a friend of ours, got her for us and will forever be appreciated for bringing this great dog into our lives. Her registered name is CH Friendship’s Carmen Lady of Amy’s Acres, in honor of this friend who brought her into our lives.


Lil’ Red has earned a 2006 International Champion Title for King Shepherd with the Rarities . Check out the Show Photo Galleries to see Lil' Red at the dog shows she has attended.






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09/07 — Sire: CDC’s Guardian Ranger of SkyWarrior


03/08 — Sire: CDC’s Guardian Ranger of SkyWarrior


12/09 — Sire: CH Whispering Woods Berrin of CDC


12/10 — PT CDC Amy Acres Kings Polar


08/11 — PT CDC Amy Acres Kings Polar

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