Cilla femaleWindy femaleLil' Red female


Powder ~ a Lady/Berrin female, and an angel in a fur coat.   Windy ~ resembles her stunning father, Zack. Aims to please.   Lil’ Red ~ quickly becoming Big Red. Very robust. Sweet as can be.


Lady femaleBerrin malePolar male


Lady ~ a lovely dog. Takes after her mom. Loves to be loved.   Berrin ~ Just look at him! He has the temperament anyone would want in a dog.   Polar ~ a big love bug, like a toy polar bear you just want to hug.


dog line


Amy's Acres King Shepherds had it's first litter in September 2006, but our work on a breeding program began 4 1/2 years before that. In 2002, we began meeting and talking with breeders, going to shows, studying the breed and educating ourselves on the breed's genetics, pedigrees, hip conformation, and anything else regarding the King Shepherd breed. We did this even before getting our first dogs in 2004. We took many more months to select (as we continue to select) breeding lines that could and would contribute to high conformation and temperament standards. Only the breed founder and one other breeder have a KSD breeding program spanning more years than AAKS.


AAKS currently has two breeding males — Polar and Berrin. For information of current and future litters, please visit our Announcements page.


Amy’s Acres King Shepherds are recognized by and registered with North American Kennel Club (Rarities) and World Wide Kennel Club, and we are a King Shepherd Club International Breeder. We are currently working toward championship titles with North American Kennel Club (Rarities).

Our Brutis ( retired) earned his American, Canadian and International Championship Titles at the age of 9 months! We are very proud of him!

At the June 16, 2007 Windy City Classic in Chicago, Windy won her American, Canadian, and International Championship Title in Chicago at the Windy City Classic June 16, 2007, Powder took Best in Junior Puppy Group, and Brutis (retired) took a Best in Junior Puppy Group plus 2nd in an Open Class Group.

Berrin, Cilla (retired) and Lil’ Red have earned 2006 International Champion Titles for King Shepherd with the Rarities (see photos of the Columbus Buckeye and Ann Arbor shows)

Brutis (retired) took a Best in Junior Puppy Group plus 2nd in an Open Class Group at 2007 Windy City Classic in Chicago.

King Shepherd Info

We currently can provide three- to eight-generation pedigrees for our dogs, and are planning for even more extensive pedigrees in the future. DNA numbers will appear on dam, sire, and puppy registrations. For more information about the characteristics of King Shepherd dogs, visit North American Kennel Club (a/k/a Rarities) . Please note that the King Shepherd breed is still very much in development, which we understand can be confusing for everyone involved. In our opinion, a dog deemed Champion by Rarities Inc and North American Kennel Club (NAKC) is the true qualifier of the King Shepherd breed standard, not recognition by any “club”, “organization” or “association” other than Rarities/NAKC (not even one’s own).


Health, hip, and obedience training certificates for our dogs will be updated as their histories evolve. These certificates can be found on the last page of each dog’s special profile (click on their individual links below).


An index of our dog’s breeding histories and litters can be found on the Litter History Page.


attention Please contact us regarding current and future King Shepherd litters and puppy availability. We are looking for potential King Shepherds to incorporate into our breeding program. Please e-mail or call for further details. All inquiries are welcome.

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