hillaryHillary was adopted in September 2008 by Jennifer. Her new owner loves to refer to Hillary as “Lady H”. Hillary now has a large extended family of Grandmom and pops, many nieces and nephews and friends on the West Coast of Michigan. We couldn't ask for a better home for our retired mom-dog.


10/01/08: Hillary is doing well. This morning she came out of her crate by herself without any nudging and wanted some love. She slept better last night also. The last couple of nights she was restless and panted most of the night. I took her out for a longer walk yesterday on one of the longer trails through the woods and halfway back she had to sit down for a moment to rest. She just stopped and plunked her chubby little bottom down in the middle of the path. She seems to enjoy the venison stew in with her food although at first she picked the broccoli and carrot chunks out. She threw them out of the dish and then ate them after the rest was gone. Now she eats them along with the rest. The food doesn't seem to bother her stomach. I'm still going to keep her blocked off for a couple more days as she slowly gains in confidence and adjusts. She is relaxing more. She is starting to expose her belly when you pet her, and she is wagging her tail now a little. The other dogs don't seem to bother her. Although they all get jealous when one is getting attention. ~ Jennifer (Michigan, USA)






09/10/09: . . . a couple of photos of Lady H and her pals . . . ~ Jennifer









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