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borusjazzyBorus Jr



This was our dog Boris with his son Boris, Jr in the foreground. Two of a kind in looks and personality. We were devastated when Boris was hit and killed by a car, but we are so happy to say that Boris Jr is living to a gentle old age.


Jazzy Rhythm


Jazzy was a 6 year old Thoroughbred horse we fostered for Horses’ Haven (Howell, MI), who had been left by her owner with sand colic and founder. Jazzy was lame most of the six months she was in our care, but she was free in the pasture and did canter once again. The last time an old abscess burst from her coronary band, Jazzy had her head in Amy’s lap, letting out a deep breath, letting her know it was time, that she was tired.


Borus Jr


03/31/10: I'm so very sad that our old Borus Jr (BJ) passed away today, sleeping under his favorite spot under the pine trees. This is one of the saddest days of my life. I know he was close to 14 years old and having a hard time getting around, and I understand it is the course of Life, but it is like I've lost a son. BJ was the top dog at Amy's Acres for all his 14 years, whether a galloping young pup or a slow-moving old man.


boris xmas


He is at rest now, under the pear trees in our back yard, where he can eternally be near the the puppy pen where he loved to watch them play. I had video taped him with Powder's pups the day before he died and posted it on YouTube, and I'm so glad I will always have that. Even with all the pups running around the house, it feels empty without my old friend.


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