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Any animal placed by Amy's Acres Rescues is, by contract, to be returned to us if the animal is no longer wanted or needs to be rehomed. This is the same requirement stated on our puppy contracts. Having taken an animal into our lives, we feel it our responsibility to assure them of a good life to the end.


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06/08/07: Zeus doing great with his new owner: A healthy, loving one year old English Shepherd dog needed a home, and found a wonderful place with the sister of our veterinarian’s technician. “Zeus” and she couldn’t happier. He is walked daily and his new family has no idea how anyone could have kept this dog in his crate the majority of his life. His prior owners really missed out on a great thing! Here are his before picture (as we received him), the pile of hair from his matts, and Zeus ready to start growing a new, healthy coat.


zeus with mattsmatt messzeus shorn








08/07: Storm is a husky that came to us needing a home. She now lives with a family in north central Michigan. Storm took to them all the day they met.









12/15/09: Kyra is a 4 year old female wild Michigan bobcat that a became of victim of the exotic pet trade. Taken from her parents at 5 days of age, she was sold as a pet who became too much for her owner to handle. k01


After a lot of rehabilitation from April to December 2009. , Kyra went to her new renovated forever home in the “Forgotten Forest” at Saginaw Children's Zoo (SCZ) on December 12th . There, she will help educate children about pets and wild animals. The zoo imparts the importance of proper care and and the responsibilities that come with those cute young exotic “pets” that turn out to be adult animals. This education will hopefully replace so many children's lack of knowledge about animals that is often a product of their home environment.


We thank with all our heart the associates from SCZ who have helped make Kyra's transfer possible, and are so pleased to have her at the Children's Zoo. The zoo earned accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and is one of only 221 in the USA (or about 10 percent of US zoos) to reach that achievement. The efforts of places like SCZ and of rescue and rehabilitation workers helps break that cycle of ignorance, abuse and neglect.


The saga of most exotic pets starts with the owner thinking it fun and exciting to have a non-domestic animal to show off to family and friends. Very soon, though, most exotic pets grow at remarkable rates and quickly become too difficult to handle and even dangerous. Most eat large quantities of food that needs to be properly balanced nutritionally; you can't just feed meat because the animal needs all the vitamins, etc that comes from their natural environment. The truth is, you can take the animal from the wild, but you can't remove its natural wildness. And because countless people don't understand this, all too many exotics wind up dead in the back yard with a bullet, or released as a sport target in hunting clubs. We don't believe a Greater Being put any species on this earth for simply for our amusement or sport and are glad to be able to help give one sad story a happy ending.


I give special thanks to veterinarian Dr Ronald Schwab of Arenac-Bay Veterinary Service (Standish, MI) for all his time and effort spent getting Kyra up-to-date on vaccinations, and for his thoroughness to make sure all Kyra's shipping requirements were met to have her transported to and accepted by Saginaw Children's Zoo.2k1


Here is an update from Rick Ballor, the Intake Manager who worked with us to get Kyra a new home:


12/13/09: Just wanted to let you know Kyra did well in transport. We opened the crate for her into her exhibit, but she was understandably hesitant to wander from the crate until after we left for the day. Overnight, she obviously explored her new habitat and was found in the house we put in for her this morning. She ate well last night. She did shift for me from holding onto exhibit this morning, which I was very impressed with. Thanks again ~ Rick Ballor/Sr. Manager, Animal Collection, Education, Physical Plant, Children's Zoo at Celebration Square




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