Pets In Need Testimonials, Babe, 7 & Rusty

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Babe (Duke’s sister) doing great!: Rejni, Babe’s new guardian, has given her a wonderful loving home down in Indiana. Her new owners write:

August 2006: Hi...Babe and I are doing great. Obedience school is going well and we are bonding. I went ahead and attached some pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

babe babe great dane
babe great dane babe great dane

April 2007: Babe and I are doing very well. She is a wonderful companion and we have grown to love each other very much. Her personality is wonderfully matched with mine although she is getting a bit guard doggish with me when it comes to company coming over. However I also know she’s got my back.... It’s great to know that I’m mom and she knows that too and loves it. Babe and I will be moving from Indiana to home town... in June.

“7” : This is a mare we fostered for Horses’ Haven (Howell, MI) for some time, to make room for them to take in other needy equines.

You can read about the horrific Davison, MI rescue of which 7 was a part.

7 came about as her name because it was the number of the stall in which she was found at the time of her rescue. She is now a permanent resident at Horses’ Haven.

rusty   Abandoned pup a man’s best friend: Rusty was a “throw away” pup that had found his way to us. Now Rusty is Kiley’s best friend, and goes to work with him daily. (Don’t worry, Kiley’s not pulling on those giant ears.)

Babe (dog)   Duke (dog)   Jet (horse)   Marge (dog)   Rusty (dog)   7 (horse)

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