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Any animal placed by Amy's Acres Rescues is, by contract, to be returned to us if the animal is no longer wanted or needs to be rehomed. This is the same requirement stated on our puppy contracts. Having taken an animal into our lives, we feel it our responsibility to assure them of a good life to the end.


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04/25/08: AAKS NOTE: Amy's Acres has been a volunteer for Horses Haven Equine Rescue for many years, helping transport and foster horses in need. A few years ago, someone tipped off HHER that a nice, perfectly rudy againhealthy young saddlebred had been bought at auction by a meal buyer. HHER wanted to buy that horse to save it's life and asked us to do the transaction. My friend and I hooked up the trailer and took a long ride to where the meat buyer was located. When we got there, my friend and I were amazed at how much the horse looked just like my own saddlebred, which I had purchased years before from that same auction house! When I saw the Coggins paper, it was clear that the horse came from the same horse farm as my horse. (The breeder of my horse had told me that any horse of his that is not a blue ribbon winner eventually ends up for auction.) I knew then that this horse, Rudy, would most likely be as wonderful a companion and equine friend as my horse, and I am happy to say that is exactly how Rudy's life has turned out. Here is a letter with photos from Rudy's owner, Lisa. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this success story and for showing us how usually a “throw away pet” becomes a treasure if only given a chance.


You don't know me but I have you to thank for my boy Rudy! I adopted him from Horses' Haven about 4 years ago and he is the best thing that has EVER happened to me. I was a volunteer when he came to HH and I fell in love with him immediately . . . he was adopted out but ended up coming back, and when he came back I was ready and wanted him ore than anything. I was 30 years old - never rode - but started to take lessons so I could have him. So basically he has taught me everything I know about horses.


rudy and merudyon top of the worldi love rudy


Words can't describe how much I love this horse!!! He has been my rock through so many hard times and can't imagine my life without him, what a WONDERFUL gift that he ended up in my hands.rykin


I board him at a beautiful facility in Holly, MI that sits on 40 acres. There are gorgeous trails that we go on and big beautiful arenas. I ride him about 4 days a week. I can now ride him bareback and bitless. He is such a good boy. Here are some recent pictures of him.


Hopefully you remember him! As soon as my condo sells we will be looking for a place of our own that we can have horses. I got Rudy a brother[Rykin] only a month ago and they get along great! Here [Rykin] is (at left).


You can see a video of Rudy & Rykin online on YouTube. It's of their first meeting and them running around. *have your speakers on!*


I don't think I would of ever gotten a horse ... it was Rudy. He's got the best personality and was/is the best first horse anyone could ever have!!! . . . if any time you want to see him, you are always welcome! ~ Lisa



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