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Any animal placed by Amy's Acres Rescues is, by contract, to be returned to us if the animal is no longer wanted or needs to be rehomed. This is the same requirement stated on our puppy contracts. Having taken an animal into our lives, we feel it our responsibility to assure them of a good life to the end.


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AAKS NOTE: Marge is doing well in her new home: Marge is with her new family in Grand Rapids and seems to be doing well. Alix and Ron (her new mom and dad) and Grandmom Carmen all love and share in her care, and have all made her a part of their family. We thank them for taking such good care of Marge. We miss her but we know a family of her own is what is best for Margerina! Marge's old “family” had cold-heartedly moved and left her chained to her dog house, to die a slow death.


Local animal control found her chained there, very thin, without food or water for a long time. For six weeks, Animal Control had stop back where she was chained to supply her with food and water while waiting for a court order allowing her to be moved. They took her to a Sanilac County kill shelter, where Marge was then scheduled to be euthanized. A rescue organization dealing with another issue took her in to find her a home.


They discovered she had heartworm and that she was dog aggressive. After her heartworm treatment, the rescue team contacted AAKS to foster her. Marge stayed with us for 16 months until she found this great home with Ron and Alix. Her new owners write:


07/06: . . . We went to the Park today and Ron and Marge ran together, which she enjoyed. I just lagged behind with the treats . . . She's doing very well, overall, and we're excited to see her become more a part of the family.


09/06: Photos with her new family






marge and alix





10/06: Marge with her new mom, Alix. (at left)










gunthermarge12/06: Here are some [photos, below] of Marge and our first Christmas together. They're not very good, all the best moments were missed by a very slow camera; there could have been a wonderful one of Marge sitting by the tree as well but . . . Oh well. Marge is doing well . . . She and our cat, Gunther, are getting along so well and as you can see he’s already kicked her out of her bed. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas ~ Alix


marge and husband04/07: Hubby and Ms. Marge are great. Marge is enrolled in the progressive obedience class and we’re both learning a lot. It’s hard work though. I’m hoping she can pass the Good Canine Citizen test. My parents still Marge-sit, although they didn’t as much this winter because of the weather. Once the weather warms up I will drop her at my parents’s house 2 days a week on my way to work and then pick her up again. [This photo was] taken last week during the storm. Marge is very afraid of storms so she comes upstairs, despite the hard wood stairs (we need to get a runner so that it’s easier for her to go up and down). Only during storms is she allowed on the bed and I have to pick her up and take her down so that she doesn’t hurt herself trying to jump. She’s happy as a clam there . . . ~ Alix





Winter '07: Marge loving the Michigan snow ~ Alix











marge 2marge 1AAKS NOTE 08/07: I am sad to tell you that Marge is entering the final stage of her life way too soon .A while ago, Marge was diagnosed with a ruptured disc. Her owners, Alix and Ron, decided to have the MRI done before surgery but then their vet found Marge has a heart murmur and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM),a disease of the heart muscle which causes her heart to enlarge and not function properly. Because her condition makes it unlikely she would survive surgery, medication was decided as the next best chance but being on five medications twice daily has affected her liver. She does not have much longer to live.


I visited Marge's home for a couple hours to say good-bye to this very special dog that we love so very much .Seeing her again was bittersweet because her disease has made her age marge 4marge 3so much and has sapped her energy and seeing this brave dog like this makes us very sad. Marge did not get up to see me when I came through the door because of her bad back, but as her owner and I talked, she did eventually come over to say her hello. As I sat with her I could not help but weep now and then.


I tried not to make it any more difficult for Alix as is already is, but she said she understood how I felt. Marge has truly lived a life from rags to riches. She had been found chained to a dog house and left to die .Animal control saved her but could only follow court orders to take her to a kill shelter with no hope for adoption. A rescue team took over her care, sent her to AAKS, where she at last went to a fine and loving home. But nothing can make it seem fair that, after all this girl has been through, she now should have such a short time to enjoy a good life. The only consolation for me is knowing Marge finally new the love of a good owner. Marge has impacted our lives is a very special way, and I don't know if she even know it. She will be so missed.


marge and family07/07: Marge and her mom and cat friend, “Gunther” (left).


10/07: [Early this month], Marge developed a gastric problem due to all of the medications (especially the Prednisone) she was taking . . The vet had told us months ago that this would happen long term with the [medication] . . . she took a bad turn . . . she was in such pain and there was nothing we could do. We made the decision to bring her to the emergency clinic and have her put to sleep. It was not how we wanted Marge's last day to be, but I think only in the last two hours was she in agonizing pain. Still, it has broken our hearts. We could not wait longer though and keep her in pain. We loved Marge so much. She was such a gift and we will never forget her sweetness and her eyes and the warmth of her fur. [The] last week, she had started talking to us when she wanted something (like her treats) and it was incredible as she had never done so. Every extra day we had with her was a gift. Thank you for everything you did to save Marge. We will always be grateful to you. ~ Alix and Ron


AAKS Note: If you would like to read thoughts Alix and Ron have shared about Marge's life with them, please visit the Over the Rainbow pages.



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