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Any animal placed by Amy's Acres Rescues is, by contract, to be returned to us if the animal is no longer wanted or needs to be rehomed. This is the same requirement stated on our puppy contracts. Having taken an animal into our lives, we feel it our responsibility to assure them of a good life to the end.


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AAKS NOTE: Because of the extreme economic problems this past year, we have gotten more calls than usual about fostering horses. One of those calls last year was from a man who was referred to us by our local grain store. He said he had a 24 year old horse he hadn't done a thing with for three years and, if he couldn't find a home for the horse, he was going to euthanize him. Well . . . we told him to trailer the horse to the farm. We found him over at the knee with bowed tendons, a condition our veterinarian said was likely due to being ridden to early and over-competed as a barrel racer.


The vet decided he was closer to 18 than 24, but it still took about a year to get JD up to par before we decided he was was ready to put up for adoption, though he needed to be ridden and tested before we could do that. But we didn't have a chance to get that far before a family who had heard of him by word of mouth called us, saying they were looking for a quiet horse for their 10 year old daughter who was afraid of horses but wanted to learn to ride like her mom. We told them JD hadn't been ridden here yet but told them he had been easy-going the whole year. They agreed he might be a good horse for the girl.


The family came to see JD. Amy saddled and bridled him and he was a angel during that. Same thing when she got on his back. She rode him, the mom rode him, then the girl rode him. He was just perfect. We placed JD with his new family under our adoption contract and it seems life is going great for him with his two buddies at his new home.


07/31/08: Things have been going very well here. JD has made a great addition to our family. We go on trail rides at least a couple times a week (excluding those very rainy weeks) and he does very well. Carly learned how to saddle and bridle him up quickly. He's a gem when it comes to that kind of stuff. He is fitting in very well with the other two horses, they all adapted to each other very quickly and seem to be best pals. [Here are some ] pictures for you to see (he's kind of bleaching to a brown due to the sun) but other than that he's doing very well. Oh, [that's] him and Shock running through the pasture. I love watching them take off! :-) ~ Deidre


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02/11/10: Sorry I haven't called you back or written. Life has been very crazy. JD was euthanized on December 31, 2009. [The veterinarian] came out that day. It was a horribly difficult decision but we couldn't watch him suffer any longer. My daughter still tears up when you mention his name but I think deep down inside she understands. He was a great teacher and best friend for her and he will always be remembered. We buried him right on our property out by the woods so my daughter can always go out there if she needs to. Thank you for letting us adopt him. ~ Deidre



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