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Any animal placed by Amy's Acres Rescues is, by contract, to be returned to us if the animal is no longer wanted or needs to be rehomed. This is the same requirement stated on our puppy contracts. Having taken an animal into our lives, we feel it our responsibility to assure them of a good life to the end.


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01/03/10: Jack came to AAKS as a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel. His owner was continually hitting him in the head for going to the bathroom in the house (see ***note below) and had finally decided to shoot him because he no longer wanted him (and obviously wasn't wiling to find out Jack's problem). We were contacted by a person aware of what was going on with this dog. After I was (finally) able to convince Jack's owner to let me take the dog, we were flabbergasted by what a great dog Jack was, especially knowing there had to be some severe emotional issues going on in his canine head because of his past treatment. But Jack is loving and just so sweet!


The morning after we got him, he did go to the bathroom in the house, on the run! He took off as fast as he could figuring he would be beat as usual for doing it. But instead of what he was used to, we brought Jack back to near where he gone to the bathroom (he shivered in fear) and told him what a good boy he was, and petted him and gave him love, and then took him outside. After repetition and positive reinforcement, he was on the way to reform.


Jack is now adopted by a family where he is loved and treated the way any animal should be treated. ~





***NOTE: As with Jack's owner, a common misconception about stopping bad bathroom behavior is that the dog with ”get a clue“ if its beaten for it or if its nose is rubbed in the waste. But his only teaches the pet that using the bathroom will earn them a beating or a disgusting nose ornament. What this technique is teaching it that going to the bathroom is bad (the dog doesn't know right away that you don't go in the house).




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