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Any animal placed by Amy's Acres Rescues is, by contract, to be returned to us if the animal is no longer wanted or needs to be rehomed. This is the same requirement stated on our puppy contracts. Having taken an animal into our lives, we feel it our responsibility to assure them of a good life to the end.


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AAKS note: Duke (Babe’s brother) gets new life as therapy companion dog: Marmaduke’s new owner is giving us updates of this wonderful Great Dane’s new life and his new “job”. (Both Babe and Duke were emaciated when they arrived at AAKS. Photos of Duke and Babe as they appeared then can seen here.)


great dane04/06: “Well Duke had a short day at work but did great!!! S. took him to the vet in xxx to get his Rabies shot for me then brought him to me at work for about an hour . . . [The nursing facility residents] loved him. I had to [visit] the ones who had been waiting to see him. There were many more I could have visited but S. had to get home so her hubby could go to work and Duke was getting really warm. I thought the one lady who had done rescue in her day was going to climb right up and over her bed rail to see him! S. said when she got [Duke] home and let him in the back yard he ran around and rolled on the ground scratching his back like oh yea I'm home!! He has settled in so good!!! I think he knows he found his home for life!” ~ Tammy


great danegreat danegreat dane


06/06: Duke is doing fine. He is quite the trickster! He opens my cupboards and get out what he wants so we are going through mouse trap therapy which seems to be working. He has had little tantrums and tore stuff up but it is like he is making a statement but not too loud. It is never anything I really care about. Just a little something we have to work thru. He is sooo good with the kids which means a lot to me. great daneI will just have to put child safety locks on my lazy susan, nothing too major.


He is OK with water. I took him to the lake and he went in only because I did but I got the loose hair rinsed off him. He is shedding really bad. It is so funny at first he did not know what the brush was. Now when he sees it he lays down for me to brush him and when I quit he looks at me like “you’re not done are you?” . . .

He went to the T-ball game with us tonight. He was a very good boy. He is great all except his breaking into my cupboards and eating me out of house and home in a way I think it is sort of funny, the crazy mutt.


I talked to a friend who also has a Dane and her advice to me was to exercise him before I left for work. That was a joke! I ran around the yard like an idiot and he looked at me like “are you joking? I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee!!!” I bought a toy that you put treats in and stuffed it with steak today and he was good today.


He did very well when he went to school. I [have enclosed] a picture. The kids and staff liked him. Teachers I didn't know asked me to take him around their class room.


I have loved my other dogs but not like Duke. He is one of a kind!!!! There is just this way about him and I guess I understand the bad things he does is because of him not having food for so long. I really think it will get better . . . He is such a dip. But that is why we love him so much.


09/06: Well Duke passed his first state inspection. We had survey this week and I still brought him on his work day he did great as usual. Many of the residents have treats in their rooms for him and he knows what ones they are!!!


Duke 2006duke 200612/06: The photo on the front of the card was taken at work. The residents just loved the hat and Duke didn't mind, he is such a wonderful dog he just goes with the flow. We love him very much, not to mention his extended family at the nursing home . . . if for some reason he doesn't come I'm asked where he is and when he is coming in! There are about 5 of the residents and 3 of the staff who make sure they have treats for him. I wish you could see him in action, he just sucks up the attention and the residents just beam when they see him. It is so great. A lot of them have had animals all their lives and now they can't so I tell them I will share Duke with them . . . People tell me all the time how lucky I was to have found Duke and I tell them it really wasn't luck it has to do with finding a true animal rescue person who is in it for the best interest of the animal not just to move them out the door . . . Thank you and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! ~ Tammy and Duke


01/06/08: . . . things are still going great. We got moved into our new house and Duke made the transition fine. Didn't know if he would try to go home since we built behind the old house but he has done great. Still goes to work with me He is getting pretty gray in the face. Makes me sad to see that. I never noticed how spoiled he was getting until some people came over that was not as fond of dogs as most of our company and he looked at them like you better make room for me on that couch, all my other friends let him get up there and cuddle or they set on the floor and Duke gets the couch!! The dane I called you about last summer is one spoiled mutt now. My friends kept him. They have worked thru a few issues with him but now he seems to be on the right track picking up some good weight and filling out nicely. I let the dogs out if my friends go away over night. The first time I walked into the house and Duke never moved when the other two were at the door to meet me, it freaked me out. But when I shook the couch he was sleeping on he jumped up. He is a very smart dog. Gotta just love them Daners!!!!


01/29/08: Duke's visits to the Autumwood Retirement home was written up in the Cadillac News.


02/05/09: I haven't given you an update lately. Duke is doing great, still as spoiled as ever. We could not be happier with him. He and my youngest are about as close as a dog and kid can get. I found out last spring [my youngest] is allergic to dogs. The doc wanted to know what I wanted to do. I just told him I can't get rid of his dog, it would kill him. Duke is a part of our family. I think he thought I was crazy but [my youngest] just takes a med and is ok. He would have to take it anyway because everyone we know has at least one dog!!! Here are a few new pics. ~ Tammy






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