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Any animal placed by Amy's Acres Rescues is, by contract, to be returned to us if the animal is no longer wanted or needs to be rehomed. This is the same requirement stated on our puppy contracts. Having taken an animal into our lives, we feel it our responsibility to assure them of a good life to the end.


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AAKS note: Duke came to Amy's Acres along with Lilly in coordination with our local animal control. These two horses were seized by animal control because the horses were continually getting out and going over to the neighbor's to eat grass. When animal control responded, they found the animals in a 30' diameter round pen with dry ground, with absolutely no food in sight, and saw they were breaking out trying to get the grass on the other side of the pen fence. (It was discovered the horses had lived like that for years.) It ends up their “owners” had been evicted and had left the two there. When we arrived to trailer them to our farm, we found their current keepers had surrounded the round pen with a 7' high barrier of barbed wire as an attempt to keep the horses in, but they still had no food.


As with all our rescue animals, Duke is homed out on a free adoption contract stating that, in the event he can no longer be kept at the adopted home, he will be returned to Amy's Acres to ensure he will not unintentionally re-enter the circle of neglect. He was first adopted out in 2008 and was renamed Shadow. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Duke came back to us in late Winter 2008. Now, in Dec 2009, he went to another home in Michigan.


09/14/08: I am taking Shadow (alias Duke) tomorrow to a good trainer in Freeland. You can't ask for a better horse on the ground as far as putting a saddle on him. He ground ties and doesn't move until you ask him to. He has settled in really nice. He has some pushy manners that I have been working on.duke1 He went without his grain a couple of times and now he stands quietly by his grain dish until it is poured in. He learns exceptionally fast and that is why he is going to a professional trainer. He was pretty clueless when I rode him as to reining and knowing what I was asking of him in the saddle. I called the trainer and asked him a few questions and he said that he would rather take him when he was so green so he didn't have to expel any bad habits that I may instill him without meaning to trying to train him. He only needs to work with him for a couple of weeks because he is already quiet, car safe, and saddles and bridles well.


My grandson drives his dirt bike and three wheeler around the coral and neither him or Danny pay any attention. Shadow's biggest problem is being extremely jealous of Danny when I am in the corral. He goes after him when Danny comes near me. I am trying to break him of that because I don't want to get in the way when he lunges after him. He knocked me over one day lunging at Danny, and needless to say I was not happy with him.


All and all he is a wonderful big guy. I would like to take him on the trail as soon as I get him back home which should be in a couple of weeks, barring any unforeseen problems with him . . . I will talk to you soon and let you know how Shadow is coming along. By the way he already knows his name! He is very smart. — Dort


12/25/09: I am so excited to have Duke. He is beautiful and I'm sure we will make a great team! He is already giving me kisses and knickering when I come in the barn. I already have fallen in love with him and i can't wait to get on his back ! I'm gonna [join the] Equestrian Team, and 4-H, and Road Rides and it's all gonna be so much fun! I've always dreamed of one day owning my own horse, and my dream came true! I know I have never met you but I thank you so much for giving him to me! You can come and visit him anytime! I will always take great care of him I promise!!!! Thanks so much! ~ Maggie (Michigan, USA)


01/03/10: Hello! I am writing to give you an update about Duke. He has been doing great! I have been working showmanship with him, and he is doing very well! I bought him a blanket, and he has been staying warm. I washed all the poop off of his butt (yuck ) and I've braided his tail, and kept it that way in hoping it will stay clean and maybe grow out a little. He seems to be happy with his new look. He has been seeming to be a little bored, and so I bought him a Jollyball. He sniffed it, and hopefully he will accept it as his new toy. I taught him to stand without being tied so I can brush, put on/off his blanket and pick out his front feet. I have been keeping up on his back hoof and the crack will hopefully not grow anymore. We just started to put Duke out with the other 2 horses there. He seems to be having fun, and they get along really well. We are having the vet come out on the 11th to check him out. He is doing very well here in his new home, and I think he's very happy. Thanks again! ~ Maggie


01/15/10: Duke is doing very well! Maggie is working with him and he hardly ever nips anymore. He also is standing still for her. The vet came out this last Monday and says he's a very nice horse (we already knew that). He did his Coggins and blood work for vitamins to see if he is low on anything. Everything looks good. We wormed him, too. He says he has good conformation. Maggie was glad to hear that. I took her out of school so she could be there (he is her baby). But everything looks really good! . . . I have the dentist coming Feb. 11, so after that Maggie is gonna try and get up on him. He really is doing great! . . . We just want you to know that Maggie really does love him! I think she has missed going to [the barn] twice since Christmas, only because she had too much homework. He really is her baby and she loves that he is always at the fence to see her when we pull in. Thanks again! ~ Lynda


01/19/10 AAKS NOTE: I spoke with Maggie's mom today and she said Maggie is just so excited about getting up on his back. They will be going to a week-long Equestrian Seminar in June to ride and train. Last year Maggie's parents leased her a horse to go, but this year she has her own! So far, it looks good for Duke and Maggie. I feel they are going to make a great team and enjoy huge accomplishments to share with us in the future.


01/25/10: Well, we moved barns. We went to a place with an indoor arena and the owner is a vet. I've been working very hard with Duke, and he's coming along great! I got on him for the first time Saturday. Today, I put a bit in his mouth, and he is VERY light, and I can tell it won't take too long to find a headset in there. We cantered and he didn't buck, he just pony-trotted into it. As we work, he will become better at his transitions. He is doing amazing! He's made a ton of new friends and he's just adjusting to all this stuff very well. Thanks!! ~ Maggie


03/16/10: I think that Maggie let you know that we moved him. He is now at our vet's farm . . . and it's great! They have an indoor arena and she's been riding him almost everyday. They have taken lessons twice a week now since the 1st of Feb. He really likes it there too! He has a lot of friends (one especially) that he hangs out with. We really think he is much happier there! He is a beautiful horse (when he's not muddy) and he is such a beautiful mover...very pretty! I can't tell you how much Maggie loves him! After her lessons, she lets him loose in the arena so he can roll and have some fun. She runs down from one end and he runs with her. When she turns, so does he. It is very cool to watch! We found a used trailer so we can take him to some shows around here. She is very excited to see what he does in the show ring. If you are ever down this way, we would love it if you came by and saw him! He and Maggie are great together and we can't thank you enough! ~ Lynda


duke 02 2010duke 06 201010/20/10: It's been a while since I've given you an update on Duke so i thought I would fill you in! Since we have moved to my new barn, Duke has LOVED it. He is in a very large pasture with a bunch of other geldings and they just love to play.


I take lessons on Friday and Duke is now getting his hunter frame correct and we are starting him over jumps here once he gets his full and complete balance at the canter. He just loves his job, and he just puts his whole heart out for me. We are a team. A few of the boarders here and I go out on the trail and he just trudges through anything you point him at.duke 01 2010 And on the way back I don't even have to steer, he walks back to the barn on a long rein. :) He's just the best thing in the world. When we pull up to the barn he trots up to the fence and I call him and he whinnies at me and goes to the gate to have me let him out.


He is the best for the vet...he lets them do what they need to do without any fuss. He now trusts me enough to pick up ALL of his feet and he stands perfectly for the farrier. Whoever gave him back to you sure missed out on a great boy ;) . . . pictures attached to show you how different he looks! He has sure changed! :) Thank you very much, and if you're ever down here be sure you can come visit him!! ~ Maggie


duke 03 2010duke 05 2010duke 03 2010


12/30/10: A friend of ours gave Maggie a 3-month-old mini for Christmas. His name is "Riley" and he is just adorable! She will be training him to drive. He and Duke are at different barns. Where Duke is, they are full and not set up for minis. Duke is in a pasture with I think it's six other geldings. They all get along good, but Duke is on the bottom in the pecking order. He does have friends though and is happy where he is! The farm is owned by . . . a vet . . . whose husband stays home and takes care of the horses. Duke is up to date on everything and was just vac. for Potomac fever and another for a flu. If you are out this way, please come by. Maggie would love for you to see him. They are great together! She really does love him! Thanks! ~ Lynda




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