04/19/10: He's napping under my feet right now, all the dogs are taking naps and I'm returning phone calls and e-mails. We've been outside most of the morning, it's so beautiful here. He follows me everywhere. He wasn't sure about his new pack last night but today he's one of the guys. He is a very smart little guy and he's already figuring out so many things about his new home, it's awesome to watch him. I absolutely adore him and so does Joe. Take care ~ Tracy (Michigan, USA)




05/06/10: Tor is doing great. He is such a good boy and he is so SMART! He gets to play almost all day with me and the other dogs, I make him take a nap time after he has his lunch though. I filled the kiddie pools with water last week when it was hot and he jumped right in and started splashing with his front paws, absolutely LOVES the water, can't wait to take him to the beach this summer. He adores my old Corgi and follows her everywhere, she's almost 13 years old and still likes to play, she's so good with him and is doing a great job of teaching him boundaries. He has been on several walks with me and the Corgi and went out in the woods with us hunting mushrooms yesterday. He walks/trots right next to me, he is such a joy. He already knows to sit for his food or for a treat. Both his big beautiful ears are standing straight up too, he is so handsome. Anyway, just wanted to give you an update . . . I hope all the other puppies are doing as well as Tor . . I will try to get some more pics to you soon, he is getting BIG so fast, take care and thanks again. ~ Tracy


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