06/04/10: Just letting you know Raven arrived safe. She is very beautiful. She was playing for a few hours with the other dog, black lab, she is also a puppy 8 months old. They get along well. By the way, she ate all her food with no problem. Thank you. I'll send you pic next week. ~ Ernie (California, USA)


06/09/10: Up date on Raven. I took her to the vet Sat, she was fine. She looked a little sad, don't eat much but is getting better, She didn't want to play much but it looks likes she is starting to get used to us. I stopped at the pet store today and they asked me about a hair cut for the dog? What is that? Does the hair grow up again, is this recommended for her type of breed ? Thank you for the help. ~ Ernie


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