03/27/10: Thanks for the new videos. The pups are really progressing. John's father just called last night to see if there were any new videos. John's family and mine are huge dog lovers. They have come to accept we are not having children so the pup is getting grand child status. Roscoe (our baby) is now 8 so it has been a while since we had a baby in the family . . . Thanks again! ~ Amy (North Carolina, USA)


04/12/10: . . . We are anxious to see the new videos and find out which pup will be ours. I am fortunate in that I work out of a home office and will not have to leave the pup after my week off. I had to do that when Gretta was a puppy and it killed me. I just want the week off to guarantee no distractions. I know there will be interrupted sleep and a lot of attention needed to get the pup used to the new home and family. Thanks for the quick reply. I am jealous that you get to enjoy puppies around you all the time. ~ Amy


04/15/10: I thought I would send you a (Flip) video of the pup's new family. The Shepherd is Gretta (14 year old female). The Ridgeback is Roscoe (8 year old male - Mommy's boy). The black cat is Lu Lu (female 13 years). The Siamese is Bello (we do not have his exact age as he is a stray that adopted us). The house is Bello's heated cat house as he prefers the outdoors These will be the pups new play mates. ~ Amy


04/21/10: We got her and we love her. Here is a brief (Flip) video of our first day home. Thank you so much for this bundle of love! ~ Amy


05/03/10: We named our little girl Nikki. She is a love. John swears she could be Latia's pup as she has a little devilish side to her that we adore. She is smart, smart, smart. She began ringing the Poochie Bells to go outside within her 2nd day with us. She responds 100% (so far) to the "come command" and the sit command (which she also does with just a hand signal). We are working on down and boundary training. She is superb with the children in the neighborhood who come to see her daily. She gets along well with the Rhodesian and they are having a good time playing. Her favorite chew at this point is a deer antler and her Kong. The only habit we are trying to break at this point is the ankle nipping. She had her first vet appointment for the three day pup guarantee and everything was perfect. Our vet was very impressed with her calm temperament. We love her! Thanks for everything. ~ Amy


05/08/10: Lena will be calling you today. The call will be from either a 412 or 724 area code. I have a dog trainer coming to my house this morning to work with Nikki and I. She is a love but definitely has some opinions about what she should do or not do. She is a wild girl in the mornings, by afternoon she is settled down and the sweetest thing ever. My husband gets to miss most of the am antics. Consequently, he thinks she is just an angel. We love her! ~ Amy


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