04/15/10: Alright sounds good! No Collar Female it is! . . . My wife was hoping you might be able to fly her out on Wens. She is off and can pick him up! Maer-ah is how it is pronounced! :) I can't wait! Thanks so much, I'll be looking into a future pup maybe a year down the line, wouldn't mind a black one! . . . ~ Charles (Maryland, USA)


04/20/10: I arrive back home on the 13th of May so it'll only be about 3 weeks, i'll make sure to send pictures ASAP!! Thanks again ~ Charlie


05/06/10: I have plenty of photos! I'll send a few right now, She doing great, already house broken ~ Charlie




06/02/10: . . . just emailing you to let you know we haven't forgotten about giving you updates on Maera. I'll send u a few pictures in a day or two. We are so pleased with Maera, we are thinking about getting another pup. Do you have any planned solid black litters in the future? Thanks a bunch ~ Charlie, Megan and Maera!


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