02/26/10: We have come up with a name for our new boy. We will call him Thunder. It was a close race between Bear, Kudo and Thunder. Tell us what you think of this name, it is a good strong name, we think. We look forward to seeing the video of the little guy. ~ Chris, Luci and Nicholas


03/03/10: Thank you for all of your hard work on [the airline arrangements]. I am wondering now about what will happen with Thunder, at his age, being in that crate for more than 6 hours. Will they let him out or give him anything to eat? I know this is the best route with the shortest travel time but that is still a long time. We did see the videos, thank you. He is huge. We thought there was a mistake when we saw your niece holding him. He is going to be a big man. If anything changes, please feel free to call my cell phone . . . I can be reached anytime, if you need to call. Please give us a quick message to let us know that he is safely on the flight. Thanks again ~ Chris, Luci & Nicholas (Manitoba, Canada)


03/07/10: . . . Thunder is doing great, a couple of days of adjustments and all is going well. We have a female Maltese/Poodle who is six years old and is trying her hardest to establish that she is the Alpha dog. He doesn't seem to agree, even with her little nips, he keeps coming back for more. Overall, they look like they are becoming little buddies. We have started the clicker training already and he is doing very well. It looks like he is a very bright boy. I have attached a couple of photos (below). . . we will contact you soon, regarding the female. Hope you like the photos, email you again in a few days....... ~ Chris, Vanderluci, Nicholas, Mya & Thunder




04/19/10: I've created a [Shutterfly] web site called “Kings in Manitoba” to share pictures with friends and family. I'd like you to be a member of the site. Come check it out . ~ Chris


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