02/15/10: We are all doing great. Jonah is a real treat. You have done a fantastic job of socializing him. He loves everybody he meets. He has been doing great with his potty training, only one accident since we got him, our fault. All of our neighbors and relatives love him. Kylie had all of her girlfriends over last night and they think he is the cutest puppy they have ever seen. We took him to the vet today and he checked out good. I'm glad he loves the snow because we are getting another 8 inches. Tom and the girls are off school tomorrow. They were off today for President's Day. It's nice having everyone around to bond with Jonah. Karen and Larry came over to see him and Karen said she has puppy envy!!! Breeze is doing really well with Nancy. She loves Todd and Breanna. Kaiser is adjusting, I think it will take some time. They all love her. Nancy and her husband Roy think she is so beautiful. She has found a very loving home. We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication to this breed. At the rest stops on the way home everyone wanted to know what kind of dog Jonah is. Everyone in the vet office commented on how beautiful he is. We love him so much, he is a cuddler. Having him has helped a lot. Take care and thanks again!!!! ~ Becky, Tom, Kylie and Katie (Ohio, USA)


03/03/10: Just wanted to "gush" about Jonah. He is a sweetheart, he has the best disposition. He hasn't met a stranger yet. He has been meeting all of the neighbors and family. He met Shadow, Kaiser and Breeze. He was a little intimidated at first, but then warms up and wants to play. Breeze is so beautiful. Nancy took her to the groomer's last week and her coat is gorgeous. She is definitely warming up to everyone. Jonah has learned sit already and we are working on down, stay and place. He loves our older dog Dazy and she is doing really well with him. She lets him know when she has had enough. He has already grown so much, getting taller and heavier. I take him to the vet next week so I will be curious about his weight. We started with my dog trainer guy this week so we are getting off to a good start. Trying to socialize him as much as possible. I have taken his picture into work to show everyone and they all think he is beautiful. His coloring is going to be amazing. As you can tell we are doing better, Jonah has helped so much. I still have my "Riley" (s/Polar 11/07) moments. Thank-you again for providing us with this wonderful dog. I hope you know how much we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to this breed!!!! ~ Becky


jonah02jonah0103/14/10Here are some pictures of Jonah. I took him to the vet last Monday and in 3 weeks he had gained 10 pounds. (He almost doubled his weight in 3 weeks! The vet was amazed!) He knows sit, down, and is pretty good at come. He is very friendly and absolutely loves everyone he meets. We are very proud of him. Hope everything is going well for the other puppies!! Thanks again. ~ Becky


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