JokerAAKS NOTE: Joker's family also owns his sire, Jack. Anyone with a “Jack pup” or anyone with questions about Jack may email with their questions. Jack and Joker's family look forward to hearing directly from the families about litters sired by their dear Jack.


02/24/10: Joker is tuckered out! He's sleeping peacefully after a wonderful homecoming. The girls were out of their minds! You'll see the [photos] online. The pictures aren't that great, because so much was happening, but I'm sure we'll get lots more soon and I'll update them . . . He and Jack are learning each other. Joker is completely comfortable and Jack is cautiously enthusiastic. I'm sure everything will be fine, but we're keeping Jack on a leash for the time being. joker02For some reason when we pick him up, Jack gets very agitated . . . Thank you! ~ Andrew, Nina, Katie, Allie, Jack and Joker


02/25/10: Nina took Joker to his first Vet appointment. They said everything was fine, but he lost three pounds. Is it possible your vet's scale was out of calibration? There's no obvious reason to be concerned about his health, but that seems like a lot of weight. I noticed your paperwork said to feed him 2 cups, twice a day + free feeding but he hasn't eaten a full cup since he's been here. Probably still just adjusting I guess. Jack has asserted himself a few times with nips, but mostly just follows Joker around nuzzling a lot. I think, in general, he's doing really well. I also uploaded some more pics this afternoon from when we were outside playing. ~ Andrew


02/26/10: Jack and Joker have actually been playing together today. I was just throwing the ball to Jack and he missed. He and Joker raced for it. joker03Joker won by a nose and Jack backed off gracefully :). I think they're buds... ~ All of us


03/02/10: We've been playing so much that we haven't generated many more pics, but here are a few from last night. As you can see, Jack and Joker are really enjoying each other. This is so much more fun when there's no bickering! ~ All of us


03/12/10: As they sit on Pride Rock, Mufasa says, “Simba, one day this will all be yours.” :) ~ A, N, K, A, J & J (Maryland, USA) PS: Photo of dad Jack and son Joker at right.



03/21/10: Just in case you haven't looked in a few days :) I added a [photo] of Joker playing with his friend Max at Puppy Kindergarten to this album. It's all the way at the end. ~ Andrew


04/09/10: We are happier with Joker than we ever thought we would be. We comment all the time on how he is such a good puppy, so well behaved and a quick learner. He just graduated puppy kindergarten last night and we will pass on those pics with his graduation cap to include on puppy page. They are very cute. He really loves his crate and goes right in very night and potty training is going great too at 14 weeks, we are very impressed! Sorry to hear about your Borus Jr. We all enjoyed seeing him with the puppies in your videos. He had a good life with lots of animal and human friends! What more would a dog want? Enjoy the Spring! ! ~ All of us


05/01/10: I'm 18 weeks old today. I'm a big boy! I have graduated Puppy Kindergarten. I go to the doggie park regularly with my daddy Jack. He has turned into a social butterfly too! Who would have thought it??! ~ “Joker”


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