12/29/10: I just want to congratulate you on your wonderful litter from Jack and Windy. If they are anywhere close to what Gideon is the families are going to be more than satisfied with the pups. Gideon is the greatest family member we have ever had, he is amazing and very funny I don't know what we did without him. I just wanted to let you know I'm so happy about the great litter and that Gideon is doing wonderful. ~ Linda (Arizona, USA)


12/30/10: Here [is a picture] of Gideon before Christmas. As you can see he is very handsome. He goes to the vets for a 1 year check up on Jan 5th and I'll let you know his weight and height at that time. He is a gideon christmasvery big boy and I'm saying he is around 105 or 110 lbs. His coat is thick and we get so many compliments about how shiny and pretty it is. He loves being around other dogs and playing is his number 1 priority. He listens and takes direction very well, he is a very smart dog. He will lay in bed with us while I watch TV then as soon as the TV goes off he knows its time to go to sleep, he gets down and goes to his own doggie bed, that is his own choice, he can pretty much do what he wants and sleeps where he wants. ha


He is amazing with the grandkids, he treats every one different. My 7 year old he plays with by chasing and wrestling around, the 5 year old he just lays and she likes to pet him then the 2 year old can do about anything she wants and he lets her do it, he is such an amazing dog for only a year old. My son has a little bull terrier (like the Target dog) and when he brings her over, Gideon tries to do the things she does and he is so funny. He is so big and when he tries to spin like the terrier he looks so crazy and has us laughing so hard, I could go on forever talking about Gideon. We take him to the park with us, to soccer games and football games and he is so well behaved. The kids especially come up and want to pet him and he just loves it. People are amazed at his size and how gentle he is with everybody.


He is starting to get (what Tim and I call his big boy bark). When someone comes to the door he'll let us know by barking and sitting by the door, as soon as we tell him its ok he stops and just stands next to us. Amy, I'm sorry I've rambled on so about him but he is just an amazing dog and I could go on and on. I would recommend one of your pups in a min. since they are so family friendly when they get to the homes . . . Thanks for everything and have a Very Happy New Year. ~ Linda




01/05/11: Here are some pictures of Gideon [left and right]. We took him to the vet's today and he weight 100 lbs. and is 28 inches. He loves sitting on the steps and just watching what goes on, he's a good and very funny dog. ~ Linda






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