02/21/10: He fell asleep as soon as we hit the highway! (photo right) ~ Sherry (Canada)


02/24/10: Took Bolt to the vet yesterday for an introductory visit and to get his "Home Again" micro chip. After that we went to a local pet shop for a new hoof toy. He was so well mannered and social in both places that I have already had to give one of your cards away! He is a really quick study ( I think he could be a genius). He is doing great with house training! 50% yesterday and only one accident this whole day! Doing very well with the puppy nipping also. He is very easy to redirect. We love him! Thanks for everything ~ Sherry







03/29/10: Just thought I would send you a recent picture of Bolt (left). He is about 30 pounds now. He really is a great pup! We love him and he seems to be very happy as part of [the pack]. He has really done well with his house training. He has been a real celeb everywhere we take him. You may want to send a couple more business cards! ~ Sherrybolt100426



04/26/10: Photo from Sherry (right)




05/09/10: Bolt weighed 42 pounds on April 30th. That is when I took him in for his last boosters. He is 21 inches at the shoulder. His colors are gorgeous, even his blanket is red and tan sable. I have some pictures from last week of him running and playing. I'll send them soon. ~ Sherry


05/19/10: [At left is a] picture of Bolt and Elliana. The picture is over a month old but it is one of my favorites. We were coming home after a long eventful day. Bolt had just turned 14 weeks old. ~ Joanie


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