komet03/01/10: . . . Komet is doing well. I took him to the Vet on Friday 2/26 and of course he was a big hit with everyone. He sat quietly and very patiently on my lap for about 20 min ( office was running behind). He was also very observant of all the comings and goings. [The doctor] was very pleased with his "disposition". Komet has taken very well to his new surroundings. Koko and Kimba accepted him with ease, no drama. They watch him like two mama bears, they don't let him out of their sight . . . ~ Raquel (California, USA)


03/26/10: Komet is growing so fast. Here is a pic on his 3 month b-day. Can you believe how big he is and of course so very handsome !!! ~ Raquel


03/27/10: Took Komet to the Vet today and of course, he was the hit of the office. He weighs 40.5 pounds, he doubled in weight in just 1 month !!! Not sure if the other testicle dropped or not, I forgot to ask the vet today, but will call them on Monday in case they noted it on his chart. Komet is so smart and true to his breed, easy to train. Kimba (my 2 1/2 year old shepherd) has become his nanny, they are inseparable. ~ Raquel



04/14/10: Can you believe it, Komet is 4 months old !!! He is such a good mate. He is not a barker, but is quite vocal when he wants something. He is growing like a weed and must weigh close to 50 pounds. I tried to pick him up to weigh him, but couldn't, good thing he is ever so gentle. I love watching him play. Here are a few pics taken on his 4 month b-day !!! ~ Raquel






05/14/10: [Right] is a pic of big handsome gentle smart Komet. ~ Raquel (PS: His other testicle did finally drop. :) )


05/20/10: Glad you are keeping Lilly. She is so pretty and loveable. I love the YouTube videos of her. I agree, I love that we can share pictures of her as she grows. Komet is the easiest puppy I have ever had. He is so smart, easy to train, mellow indoors and active outdoors. Although, he can be a bit sneaky, he likes to steal food, now that he can reach the top of the counters. He is so darn funny. I could go on and on :) cause like all puppy mothers, he is the best one!

So sorry to hear about your BJ, he lived a good life with you, he was a happy dog. Love the Santa Picture . . . ~ Raquel



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