10/23/09: Amy, he is safe with us now and very big and beautiful. We will take good care of him. Thanks ~ Gemma (The Netherlands)


10/24/09: What a great dog he is and so nice and trustful. He is really a man and has all the confidence in himself. He is doing fine with the females. Only Diamond is a bit jealous. But they play with each other so that is good. We are truly very happy with Shadow and everything you promised us  came out true.


Thank you very much. I will send you tomorrow some photos of Shadow. I’m too busy today because a lot of people come to our house to see Shadow. Thanks, thanks, thanks. ~ Gemma


10/25/09: Here are some photos of our big boy. He is a beauty and very nice. He knows how to handle our other dogs, inc. Diamond (Windy/Berrin 12/08 litter) ~ Gemma




10/29/09: We want you to know that everything goes very well with Shadow. He plays plenty with Diamond and is very sweet and curious. He is a real man. We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful dogs you have sent us . . . ~ Gemma







11/02/09: Here are some photos (left and right) of Diamond and Shadow. The are the best of friends. Please tell Jade (Shadow's littermate) we take good care of Shadow. ~ Gemma












11/27/09: Look how big Shadow already is (left). What beauties they are. I will later take more photos of them and send them to you. ~ Gemma








03/10/11: Diamond and Shadow photos from Gemma (below)


diamond110310shadow 111003



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