10/02/09: I just thought I'd shoot you a quick email to let you know Indy made it to his new home just fine. I hope you made it home ok. It was nice to be able to meet you today. I'm also really glad I got to spend some time with Indy before he flew out. indy2He's awesome. His first nickname is officially “Squeaky”. He was definitely acting like a momma's boy when we got to the house. Hildegarde didn't know what to make of him at first but they seem to be growing on each other. Right now he is sleeping in his crate and exhausted. I will send you pictures once I get some on line but again just thought I'd let you know we made it home. Thanks for everything, we'll be in touch soon. ~ Jen (New Hampshire, USA)


10/08/09: Hi there - just a [pic] for you to see our boy!! (at left) He is so wonderful and Hilde is in LOVE with him as are we. ~ Jen


01/04/10: I just wanted to send a quick note to say Happy New Year and send a few photos of Indiana. He is wonderful. He is a little bit of a nervous nelly but a very sweet boy. All he wants is to be cuddled and loved. He also LOVES treats and one of our nicknames for him is Piggy. I hope this finds you and all the animals doing well. ~ Jennifer, Jason, Hildy, and Indy








01/20/10: Hey there, me again. I just wanted to send you one more picture of Indy where you can actually see his face. He had a play date last weekend with my friend's Shepherd, Lotti, and he was great with her!! I think he just needs to keep having some alone time from his sister! Looks a lot like his dad hey? ~ Jen






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