steps08/28/09: . . . We have been so busy with Blaze and the start of school that we haven't had time to [send] pictures. We have several real good ones and a lot of blurry ones . :)


Blaze sits on command every were he is but not for long. In the basement he will sit stay and come on command about 90% of the time. But outside is another story.


He beautiful and you will see very soon. Both his ears are up and he weighs 21.5 pounds. ~ Jenn & Justin (Kentucky, USA)


08/30/09: Thank you for the advice today. Blaze has only went twice since noon and the stool was firmer each time. I never thought that I would have this many conversations about stool before we had Blaze. :) Here are some pictures of the sweetie. Enjoy!! ~ Jenn




09/28/09: Blaze is doing very well. He weighs 34 pounds. He has a very expressive personality. It was neat to see his sister's picture on your web page. I can't wait to see the whole litter and how they turn out. Thank you ~ Jennifer


three dogs10/15/09: Blaze is doing great. He is very sweet and lovable. He seems to have a kiss for everyone he meets. We weighted him on his 4 month birthday and he was 42lbs. and 19.5 inches at the shoulder. He loves to play with our other dogs and he loves to splash around in creeks and ponds. He seems to be very intelligent, he already knows how to sit, lay down, stay, come, heel and he gives very good eye contact. He is starting "Puppy College" next month and will pursue the Canine Good Citizenship Certificate early next year. We still feed him 3 times a day and began supplementing with a multivitamin at 4 months. He eats 2 1/3 cups of dry dog food during each feeding. His stomach still seems to get upset if we give him canned dog food. He is very well behaved and we could not be any more satisfied with him. Thanks ~ Justin



8 weeks
12 weeks
15 weeks



15 weeks
4 months
4 months with Molly (Husky-mix )


blaze02blaze0105/23/11: Thank you for contacting me and being willing to help Jasmine. I will call you later on tomorrow once we get everyone settled and then we will create a plan. I am attaching a picture of Blaze and us from our hiking trip this fall when he was about a year and 4 months old. He is such a wonderful boy we adore him!! Thank you!! ~ Jenn




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