meds12/14/10: Here [are] pictures of Maera! She is now 75 lbs and going great. We love her! [The one left] is her not wanting to get her med's (she hurt her eye a little bit doing battle with my parents' Golden tractorRetriever. She is fine.) [The one on the right] her tearing up her tractor toy and playing with a bowl!! we caught her and she knows it! And a question on the side, are their any plans for another litter? We are interested in getting another KS sometime late this coming year. All the best ~ Charlie


12/15/10: My fav dog on the site is Nitro but if we don't manage we will prob wait until the next white litter and grab another one, we love Maera so much! Time for a plush coat male, she needs another dog at the house to play with, she loves going over to my mom's where are have a 75# Golden R, at home she only gets to play with the dog across the field from us, but their not home very much! ~ Charles



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