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Thanks again for all your lovely e-mails about our loss of Clyde. It still hurts like hell and we miss him like crazy. Guinness is doing well, today for the first time, he went up to our neighbor and gave him a paw (after he got a treat..). Another big step for him. He's still wagging that big tail of his and in general he's a happy dog. But there are times when he clearly misses his mate.


So, after a lot of thought and consideration, we decided it's best for everyone to get another dog. And, as luck (or destiny) would have it, dear Amy told us about a pure white puppy she has. He's nearly 5 months and is a well-rounded dog, and he looks so happy and has a twinkle in his eye... So, in 4 weeks (he'll get his rabies shot tomorrow), we will go to Frankfurt airport again and pick him up!!! I think the timing is perfect. It will give us time to focus on training Guinness. And we still are grieving.


So, his name will be Bono ( [Amy called him] Lobo, not too far off), to continue with the Dublin theme. Bono is the lead singer of U2 (from Dublin), our favorite band (until they decided to make that crappy new CD). Only thing is... how to keep him clean??!!


Bono is not a replacement, but an addition to our family. We can't wait, we are very grateful to have Amy in our lives. ~ Brenda (Germany)


07/10/09: We are so happy, can't even put it into words. We love [Bono] to bits. Guinness [Anna/Zack 09/08 litter] seems to like him too. He is everything you said he would be. You must miss him. Thanks for everything, and here are the first of many pictures. ~ Brenda






b34b5807/11/09: We had a great day with our boys! They woke up just before 6, wanting to play. I filled half of the crate with water, which is now their splash-pool! Went for walks . . . Bono is great on the lead, he walks very close to you. This evening he ate with great gusto! Slept a lot. He was great with our neighbour (who is in love with him!) and his dogs. [Bono] is funny, when he's teasing Guinness with a toy, he prances around with it like a showhorse, his legs kicking forwards! A lot of new impressions and experiences for him. He is a bit quiet tonight, I'm sure he misses his home and his normal routine. It will take a bit of time, I'm sure. ~ Brenda


10/31/09: Guinness and Bono in the garden this summer[playing with the hose] and playing in the guestroom (before I tidied up!) ~ Brenda (These are YouTube videos that open in new windows.)


11/01/09: Bono showing off his twirling skills and Guinness & Bono in the garden. (Grass? What grass? Guinness can shift if he wants to!) ~ Brenda (These are YouTube videos that open in new windows.)


11/02/09: Daddy's home! Ian coming home from work. (Do not look at the floor or the garbage bags!!!) ~ Brenda (This is a YouTube video that opens in a new window.)


11/05/09: This is so you can see our house and street and of course the dirty dogs! And this one is Bath time for Bono .... Will he get in the bath..... wait and see!!! ~ Brenda (These are YouTube videos that open in new windows.)


11/21/09: Bono doing what he does best... and Guinness & Bono playing in the garden. ~ Brenda (These are YouTube videos that open in new windows.)


03/28/10: Owner's YouTube link for Bono

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