02/19/09: Had no problems. He was great in the car!! He's already attached at the hip with me. I need to watch out that I don't step on him. He's a little stressed and will be for a while. He's eating well and slept ok the grass here. I'll call you soon. Thank you!! ~ Wayde (California, USA)


02/23/09: His name is Rommel, after the German war general. He is getting used to things day by day. rommelIt took him two days to stop stressing....panting.......He is sleeping outside in the cool wind; he's leaning against the open glass patio door very calm and happy. He likes the cool air and tile floor. He's beautiful......needs to fatten up though.......he's very independent compared to my lab that I had.....and he is already climbing the stairs and descending them too! He's very smart and is already a great watchdog, much more so than any lab I have owned. I love his black coat! He did immediately attach himself to me....... amazing!! I've never owned a [King] Shepherd before..........I can already tell he is a smart boy. I am very happy! thank you!!


It's stormy and windy here but he is out in the weather and loves it!! Running around in the grass and playing with me and toys........but mostly toys as he entertains himself, which is nice but I wouldn't mind a little more attention from him!! lol He's always at my feet!!


Surprisingly, he has not whined very much for his mother which is good because I tend to fall apart when that happens. I am still trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements but he seems to be OK now that he has stopped panting and that is good. I sleep with him in the family room; I'm on the couch , he's happy on the floor.........I have a crate for him so I am trying to get him used to that............hes doing fine and I am very happy and so is he.......thanks so much!!


Here are some quick pics for you...........weve have taken a few walks onto the golf course which he loves too. ~ Wayde




10/14/09: Hello, Rommel my Shepard and Patton my lab are having a great time and are best friends here! . . . Rommel is very happy and has a best friend in Patton. Both are happy . . . Rommel was born on Dec 26, 2008..... I just weighed him at 81 pounds.


We are close, as like you told me when I first got him. That he would bond to me quickly.. He did. I could tell within a couple hours, and he never cried for his mother when he got here. Rommel has a thick and beautiful coat and is a beautiful dog.


Well, thank you. He is great and mellow and fun. Please let me know how big I can expect him to get. Thanks ~ Wayde


10/28/09: . . . he is a beautiful dog! I am glad to hear he will continue to grow . . . The dogs are free fed and have the best of everything here at home. Rommel and Patton are the best of friends and have a great time running free on the golf course when its available and free of players. It has given me great joy watching them run and play and swim together; so much so that I am getting another female white lab next week!! We are all having a great time together . . . I bring my dogs to the beach and park and everyone loves them because they are so well behaved!! . . . I love my dogs and they are both beautiful animals. Rommel is a gorgeous Shepard. Thank you for him! . . . ~ Wayde




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