02/11/09: I am finally getting around to sending a [picture] of our Miah. She looks a lot like her Daddy. miah1 We all just love her.  She went today for her vaccination and she weighed in at 33.5 lbs.  She is growing every day and her one ear is up and the other is up if there is food around.  The lopsided look is adorable.  We have quite a bit of snow and she loves to go outside and play.  Each time she goes out she keeps sticking her whole head into the snow.  Last Friday, was the opening of Bon Soo, our winter carnival and Miah came with us and was so good.  She wasn't afraid of the fireworks and just loved all the attention she got.  She is very sociable.  Most days she goes to an area park for a run and she plays well with the other dogs. She isn't aggressive, but definitely holds her own.   Luke brings her everywhere with him and she absolutely loves the truck.  He can't go upstairs without her sitting by the door waiting for a ride.  She is so smart too. I love when it is time to go into her kennel for the night.  If Luke puts her in she tries to suck up to me and vice versa.  Although she is very good once she is in for the night.  It will soon be time to get out the larger kennel.


Thanks for sending us pictures of all of your new babies, I just love looking at them.  They are just adorable.  Were you surprised that all Powder and Polar's pups were white or did you expect it?   I don't know how you do everything that you need to do.  Thanks for a wonderful puppy. ~ Heather (Ontario, Canada)


01/08/09: . . . Miah is doing great. She is such a sweetie and has already got Luke wrapped around her big paws...he can't leave the house without her. She is so funny when she plays with all of her toys and is so proud if she makes the squeaky ones squeak. She just doesn't understand why the cats don't want to play with her and she tries her best. Her wellness check up went great she had gained 2 lbs. There was a bigger dog in the waiting room that she so desperately wanted to play with and the big dog was so scared and started shaking. She goes on Monday for her next set of shots and will get weighed again. ~ Heather


miah jan08/23/09: The Cilla/Onyx [06/09 litter] puppies are beautiful. I'm sending you some summer pictures of our girl. The pictures are from one day when we were at the beach and she dragged a big stick/log over to play fetch with. miah augIt was so funny because we couldn't throw it far but she still went after it and brought it back to throw again. She actually could pick it up from the middle and balance both ends.


I can't tell you how much we love Miah and what a wonderful addition to the family she has been. She is such a smart and lovable girl. We had a trainer come in to assess her and she was impressed and didn't think that she needed any lessons. We are going to try to sign up for agility classes this fall. Miah is so friendly and thinks that everyone's purpose in life is to pet her. Although she is also very protective of her family; we were out picking blueberries and she kept circling around us to make sure we were ok. She loves to go to camp and loves the water. One day she was playing with a friend's dog that didn't like the water and when he tried to get her stick she went and stood in the water because he wouldn't go in it. She is a very vocal dog, especially when she is playing with her toys. Just like the kids she 'talks back'! We were so proud of her this past week. We were at my sister's camp and her dog is very old (15 yrs) and Miah was so well-behaved around him. She could sense that he was not someone she could play with. ~ Luke


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