This “Svedala's Majestic Anna-Rose /Excaliburs King of Hearts Zack ” litter is by breeder Kendall Mccoy. AAKS obtained these pups under a breeder's contract. Although AAKS was not the breeder and although AAKS did not own the parents of these pups, we placed them under our own contract with our same written guarantee on health, hips and temperament. We felt comfortable placing these pups and extending our guarantee because we do own two adult “Anna/Zack” dogs from this breeder. Follow these two links for DNA profile PDFs for Anna and Zack.

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07/10/09: Photos of Guinness with his new “brother” Bono [Powder/Polar 01/09 litter]. ~ Brenda




07/11/09: We had a great day with our boys! They woke up just before 6, wanting to play. I filled half of the crate with water, which is now their splash-pool! Went for walks . . . [Bono] is funny, when he's teasing Guinness with a toy, he prances around with it like a show horse, his legs kicking forwards! . . . A lot of new impressions and experiences for him. He is a bit quiet tonight, I'm sure he misses his home and his normal routine. It will take a bit of time, I'm sure. ~ Brenda




10/31/09: Guinness and Bono in the garden this summer[playing with the hose] and playing in the guestroom (before I tidied up!) ~ Brenda (These are YouTube videos that open in new windows.)


11/01/09: Bono showing off his twirling skills and Guinness & Bono in the garden. (Grass? What grass? Guinness can shift if he wants to!) ~ Brenda (These are YouTube videos that open in new windows.)


11/02/09: Daddy's home! Ian coming home from work. (Do not look at the floor or the garbage bags!!!) ~ Brenda (This is a YouTube video that opens in a new window.)


11/05/09: This is so you can see our house and street and of course the dirty dogs! And this one is Bath time for Bono .... Will he get in the bath..... wait and see!!! ~ Brenda (These are YouTube videos that open in new windows.)


11/21/09: Bono doing what he does best... and Guinness & Bono playing in the garden. ~ Brenda (These are YouTube videos that open in new windows.)


03/28/10: Owner's YouTube link for Guinness


07/29/10: NOTE: Guinness underwent surgical repair for an an outside (lateral) tendon ripped away from his knee (a type of cruciate ligament injury). This condition is common in the King Shepherd breed. (His sister Raven had the same condition and surgery months later.) The surgery is routine, entails re-attaching the tendon to the bone, and has the dog back on its feet the next day. Guinness's has given us a copy of the veterinarian's X-rays (in a downloadable 312MB zip file to extract and then open and OK the file called go.exe) to help understand the skeletal aspects of this condition.



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