05.18.08: I am absolutely astonished at the differences in these dogs personalities. Meeka (Windy/Polar 12/06 litter) is shy however she is doing much better with all of that. Storm (Anna/Zack 09/07 litter) is a goof who is always testing to see if I mean what I say ( like the command come). She is a dog's dog and much prefers to play with her buddies than come when she is called, but she is a big love bug none the less. Then Sparkle comes so sweet and gentle and loves to be with people. I am really interested to see how she turns out. If someone asked me why I love these dogs the way I do I would reply that they are loyal and loving to a fault . . . they give so much and ask for very little in return, happy to just be with you. It is really a rare qualitytwo onethat dogs have that allow them to be such positive animals, I feel we could all do well to learn from them. Even when a dog has a horrible life I believe they still hold out the hope that the next moment with you could be a good one. Thank you Amy for all you do for animals in need. ~ Michelle (British Columbia, Canada)


07/20/08: The family is doing very well, the kids love the new puppies and I have sent you some pictures so you can see the doggy clan [Meeka, Ricken, Sparkle, & Storm] and how they look . . . Sparkle is very confident and outgoing, nothing seems to bother her at all. Ricken is a people dog, he loves being under your feet. ~ Michelle


01/29/10: Sparkle's PennHip report L.39 R.57


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