05/18/08: [Amando] is such a sweet little boy. He only cried for a few minutes when we first left your house then he settled in and slept on his back with his legs stretched out...pretty relaxed for having just left his family. He was quite taken with Akamai. I had been so disappointed in Akamai's reaction to our bringing Amando home because he has always loved meeting new dogs and his body language told me he was less than pleased, but by Monday he was letting Amando crawl all over him and they were playing well together . . . Amando is a big hit with everyone. He had seven visitors his first day home and the parade of company has continued. He has also made friends with my neighbors dogs and he goes there during the day while I am at work because her fence! is more secure than mine. Right now, Amando can squeeze right through the picket fencing at my home...but not for long! Thank you so much for allowing me to have one of your pups. He truly is "Amando"...worthy of love. ~ Nancy (Ohio, USA)




06/05/08: Amando keeps getting sweeter every day. I talked with an animal trainer and I am meeting with him next Saturday. Although my vet said not to take Amando out where other dogs with unknown vaccination status (parvo) would possibly be until he is 18 weeks, I've decided that I will enroll Amando in a puppy class. The class sounds like fun with games like pass the puppy, which is where the pups are lovingly handled by everyone in the class...helping them to not fear strangers. They also do confidence building games like walking a balance beam! He has 5 adult dog friends...we went hiking with 3 other large dogs the others day and Amando was so proud to be "one of the big dogs". Akamai and Amando are now great playmates. One of the things I am most impressed with is Amando's acceptance of his circumstances. If I put him outside, he may look at me through the door, but he never jumps at the door to come in and he never even lets out a whimper when he goes in his crate. He just seems to accept that it is where he is supposed to be. He's growing like a weed. I will email you his weight with his next vet check. I borrowed a camera so hopefully I will have some pictures to send along as well! ~ Nancy


07/01/08: Amando is such a sweet little boy! He is so much fun. When I work, I can hardly wait to come home to see him. He and Akamai were in the Moraine Heritage Festival Parade last weekend. I also took them to an outdoor concert and he made a lot of new friends. I can tell you had him around kids because he just loves children, especially toddlers. It tickles me to see how excited he gets when he sees a child. He wiggles all over and then gives them lots of kisses. He rarely ever puppy bites now. I taught him to give kisses instead of bites (since he seemed like he needed something to do with his mouth). He made quite an impression on one of the kids (Max) that rode in the parade with him. Max had his uncle bring him over to the house the next day to visit Amando again and then later that evening he insisted that his mom come meet Amando when she came to take Max back to Columbus.


I am going to take Amando to 4 hours of puppy daycare with the trainer I am using. He thought it would be a good socializing exercise. This coming weekend there is another local festival with fireworks, so I will let you know how he does. He also goes to the vet so I can give you an update on his weight. We will be headed up to Burt Lake for a week mid July. I am going to get him a life jacket. I am excited to see if he will like going on the boat. He really loves the water and enjoys riding in the back of my Amigo (convertible SUV), so I think he will like it. Plus, Akamai likes being on the boat and Amando wants to do everything Akamai does. It is so funny to watch him imitate all his big dog friends!


eightseven. . . he's done great with potty training. No accidents since the first week, but we do spend the majority of our time outdoors, so I am sure that helps. ~ Nancy


07/10/08: Amando weighed 35.8 pounds at his 16 week check-up. I thought my vet's scale was off because he had weighed almost 2 pounds less 2 days before at the puppy daycare, but when I took him to puppy class (scale at daycare), he weighed exactly the same as he had at the vet. mayAmazing! He is growing up so fast. It makes me kind of sad to see him lose the puppy look, yet it is so exciting to see his colors coming out. ~ Nancy


AAKS NOTE 07/24/08: Three month old Amando was killed this July. It was a truly tragic incident where the pup was behind a vehicle and was not seen. Our heart goes out to Nancy and her family, who so loved this sweet little guy who filled their lives with so much joy over such a short time.


03/18/09: I hope this finds all of Amando's siblings healthy and happy. I look forward to seeing their one year photographs. I wanted to send you my favorite picture of Amando. He was truly a big, beautiful and loving boy. ~ Nancy



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