06/24/08: Thank you so much for sending [Ricken] to us . . . he got here safely and is the sweetest boy. oneHe has decided that sleeping on the bed with my son is much better then the crate. twoI did break down and let him out and on Hunter's bed (we all wanted some sleep.) I thought for sure there would be a morning puddle, however, he got up and went outside . . . we will send pic's soon of the two little ones. ~ Michelle


07/20/08: The family is doing very well, the kids love the new puppies and I have sent you some pictures so you can see the doggy clan [Meeka, Ricken, Sparkle, & Storm] and how they look . . . Sparkle is very confident and outgoing, nothing seems to bother her at all. Ricken is a people dog, he loves being under your feet. ~ Michelle


01/29/10: Ricken's PennHip report L.52 R.57


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