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05/21/08: Well the not so little bundle arrived safe and sound. [Payton a/k/a blue collar male] is beautiful! He was very quiet on the ride home but introduced himself very vocally to the other three once he got here.


Introductions went great, Bear as usual is not impressed with having another new addition but she'll adapt. Piper (Lady/Berrin 09/06 litter) and Baby were all over him, both very gentle although leaving tons of dog spit all over him. We stopped and weighed him at the vet on the way home, he's 16.6 lbs and such big feet! I've attached a couple of photos . . . ~ Thanks so much! Barb and Rudy




06/25/08: . . . just wanted to give you an update on Payton. He's a wonderful pup, house trained completely now and he'll be going to puppy "boot camp" in August though we've been working with him at home. Piper and he play together now much better than before as he's catching up in size! I took him to work with me last Friday and he was great, told me when he had to go out and stayed by my side all day. He only had one moment when he forgot which set of combat boots he was following. He's had his second round of shots and the vet says he's very healthy and looks like he'll be a "bruiser". We've been tracking his weight and this is what we have so far:


8 weeks 16.5 lbs
9 weeks 20 lbs
10 weeks 24.5 lbs
10.5 weeks 25 lbs
11 weeks 27.6 lbs
12 weeks 31.5 lbs
13 weeks 35 lbs


He's very mellow, a temperament very much like Baby's. We've been taking them all everywhere to socialize him and everyone thinks Piper is his mom and Baby his Dad as he is dark like him. payton03We love his face, he's got the nicest markings and everyone comments on that and his good behavior. I'm sure demon puppy will emerge at some point, he does have a thing for wool socks and Rudy's crocs!! ~ Take care, Barb


06/27/08: Took Payton to work with me today, everyone loves him and he's so well behaved. Not as anxious as Piper was at that age, start puppy training in August but we've been working with him at home - he's a natural! Piper is doing better with him and they play together. She's still being aggressive with Bear and we had a fight last Saturday, minor wounds. Now that I'm on holiday I'm taking her and Bear to the trainer to discuss how to handle this. Onyx is a cool name [for your Hillary/Polar puppy] and he's a real looker too! I'll continue to send you updates on weight, height etc for your records on both Piper and Payton. ~ Take care, Barb


07/02/08: . . . He's growing fast and is now almost 40lbs, getting hard to lift! He's approximately 18 inches at the shoulder but it's hard to get him to stand still for a real accurate measurment! ~ Barb




07/18/08: He's growing like a weed, 45lbs now and his legs and body are getting longer! A real clutz though ;) ~ Barb


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