3/12/08: We just love our Schummi! He's a wonderful addition to the family, although I'm not sure our other dogs agree with me just yet! He settled in very quickly, and didn't seem to have any issues with his flight to Texas. When Jim opened the crate at the cargo office, Schummi trotted right out like he owned the place! He had a long day and was very tired, but was right as rain the next day. We get a real kick out of how vocal he is -- he “talks” to us quite a bit! And I have to laugh at myself - I bought a small water bowl for him, because I thought he'd be too little to reach the big water bowl the other dogs use. Silly me -- he can drink out of their bowl sitting down! :) Here's a couple of pictures from his first 2 days. ~ Andrea (Texas, USA)




3/16/08: This puppy is just too cute! Thank goodness for digital cameras, or I would be going broke on film! I think one of his ears is trying to come up. It hasn't made up its mind just yet, but has been up most of the day. ~ Andrea




03/23/08: I just wanted to give you a quick update on Schummi . . . He is 10 weeks old today and weighs 25 pounds (he was 23 pounds last Sunday at 9 weeks). That is a net gain of 4 pounds in 2 weeks, although he lost a pound his first few days here, so he had to make that pound up. His right ear started coming up his first week here, and now it seems to lay across the middle of his head pointing towards his left ear. His left ear started coming up today; sometimes it points straight up and sometimes it lays down.


He's having some diarrhea since yesterday. Not sure what caused it, since we haven't changed his food, but it's getting a little better today. He's still eating, drinking and gaining weight, so we're not worrying just yet, but will take him to the vet if it's not gone in the next day or two.


He doesn't like being in his cage; he's too much of a people person! He wants to be with everyone else, and doesn't understand why he has to be in his crate. But he quiets down pretty quickly and tolerates it well. My husband takes him outside around 2:00 AM, and then lets Schummi sleep on the dog bed in our room, and will sleep on the floor next to him. Then when his back starts to hurt, he'll get up and put Schummi back in his cage. Schummi is starting to tell us when he needs to go outside, so if it weren't for all the chewing, we might consider letting him stay on the dog bed. But we have too many antiques to take any chances.


He loves to run around with the other dogs, and they are playing with him now. They still don't care for the puppy teeth (who does?!), so they will jump on the couch or bed where he can't get to him when they've had enough. That safely will only last another couple weeks, I think, because he can almost get on the couch by himself. He'll figure it out soon!


He's not much of a cuddler, unless you catch him when he's sleepy. Otherwise, he's either asleep, or running around and putting everything in his mouth. There isn't any in-between! But he's fitting in very well with our pack and thinks he's a big watchdog. We just crack up when he barks at one of the dogs like he's scolding them (rapid-fire yaps) or using his "bid dog" bark for strange noises outside.


I'll be taking some pictures today and will post them on the KSCI Group tonight or tomorrow. I might also try some video. We just love to watch him run -- his front paws are so huge, he looks like he's trying to run with flippers on! I have to catch that on video. ~ Andrea


04/07/08: . . . wanted to give you a quick update on Schummi at his 12-week mark. He's 31 pounds and schummi1both ears have been up for almost 2 weeks. I can't tell you how tall he is, because I don't know where the top of his shoulder is! I think his head looks great and he has a nice relaxed tail. He has a slight downward slope to his back, a bunny hop when he runs, and when he trots he moves very nicely. My husband and I say that if it weren't for his tail, he would look exactly like a bear cub when he lumbers around the yard.


As of this past week, he has been eating very well. He eats 2 times per day, 2 cups per meal. I can feel all his ribs and the bumps on his spine, so there isn't any extra fat on him. But his front legs are massive, and it's all bone. schummi2 If he grows into those front legs, I think he's going to be a big dog! I saw an adult KS 2 weeks ago at a show (a Dallas dog owned by a Ms. Flick, I think), and Schummi's front legs look thicker than that adult male!


Housebreaking is going well. Yesterday was his first accident in more than a week. Usually he sits at the back door and bangs it with his front paw to let us know he has to go out. He has a very plucky character and is for the most part, pretty bold. Occasionally he'll get schummi3scared by a strange noise and might back away from it, but he's barking the whole time. The funniest thing is when one of the other dogs barks or growls at him (those baby teeth are a killer!); he'll cower for a few seconds, then jumps up and starts giving the dog very bossy, yappy short barks right in their face, as if to say, “How dare you!”. He's not much of a cuddler.


When he's awake, he's always in motion. The only time we can pet him without having to avoid his teeth is right when he's ready for a nap. Then he will lay still and let us pet him or scratch his belly. Much to my husband's chagrin, I think Schummi is going to be my dog! He'll follow me around, or wait outside the bedroom door when I'm getting ready in the morning. Poor Jim! This big KS was supposed to be his dog! :) Hope all is well with you both! Take care. ~ Andrea


05/09/08: Schummi got a new pool! Here's a 3-minute [YouTube] video of him playing in it the first time a couple of weeks ago. ~ Andrea


07/06/08: Schummi looks so gorgeous after his bath! His coat is really pretty. In addition to the coloring, his hair is almost silky feeling, and he actually looks a little shiny. The hair behind his ears is the only weird area. It looks like a half-mane, but the quality is different than the rest of his fur. It's almost cottony, and is the only fur left from his puppy coat. I don't know if it's going to fall out, or be replaced by more adult hair in a big mane. I can't wait to find out! :) Next time you are on the Yahoo Forum, check out my post about Schummi's big outing to the 4th of July parade. My husband couldn't believe all the people that stopped to ask us about Schummi! ~ Andrea


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