sleeping10/07: We enjoy the [puppy] pictures so much. The whole family gathers round the computer like it is Christmas morning. So thanks for being so diligent in sending them. I must say out of all the pictures of all the puppies I have looked at on all the different web sites I have never seen one with the colors of the male. And the Lil' Girl has her dad's legs. She is really going to be a looker also . . . ~ Mike (Florida, USA)


11/07: [Hoss] fell asleep in Mike's arms, what Mike has been waiting for, for 8 weeks now!

[Hoss's name comes from an old TV] show “Bonanza”. Hoss was one of the sons and he was the big hearted large man, gentle giant. But he was strong and could handle his own and usually defended the weak or suppressed .


snuggleshoss and ryanprofile


facesleephoss and staci


with rudy


11/07: [ The photos below and right are of Hoss at 10 weeks. The grown dog is his friend Rudy.]

You would not believe Hoss, he looks so good. His ears have moved from pointing from the side of his head to the front of his head. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I know everyone thinks their dog is looking the best and are the smartest . . .

You do not know how happy a person can be with a dog until you see the smile on my face when Hoss does something goofy like jump at a tree branch and then bark at it when he can't reach it. He has so much love here from me the kids, Janet, and the other dogs he is in KS heaven. Of course he thinks he runs the joint. ~ Mike



in the grassdrinkingresting


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