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11/06/07: Just wanted to give you an update on my sweetie pie. He is a charmer, everyone that meets him falls in love. He is doing VERY well on his potty training, just a couple of pee accidents but no poop, what a smart boy. His ears are starting to stand up, they are half way. I found out he loves the water, he has gotten in the pond twice which has very stinky black mud in it so needless to say he has had several baths. He is still sleeping in bed with Rod and I and wakes me up several times to go out potty. He is starting to eat much better now, I was having a real hard time getting him to eat but I found out if I start out feeding him by hand he will then finish his bowl on his own. He gets along great with my other dogs, they all seem to know that he is a baby and they play very gentle with him . . . thank you very much for Axel. I love him dearly. ~ Diane (Michigan, USA)


11/26/07: . . . an update on Axel. He is fitting in very nicely in our home. Everyone that sees him says he is the cutest puppy they have ever seen (although he's not much of a little puppy any more, he is up to 19 pounds). I just love him to death and so does my husband and kids. It's the funniest thing though, when he gets tired and wants to go to bed at night he stands next to the bed and barks until someone picks him up and puts him in bed. He and my year old shepherd “Till” adore one an other. They play constantly and love to be outside. I gave him his second shot and his third worming and I can't tell you how many baths he has had — he loves to get in the mud . . . you were right he is VERY VERY special and I love him dearly. ~ Diane


standinglaying down12/13/07: [Axel] is beautiful, his ears are standing straight up now and I think he weighs about 25 pounds. I don't know if you had trouble with him being a picky eater but he is as finicky as a cat. I have to put scrambled eggs in his puppy food in order for him to eat just a little bit. I worry about him getting enough nutrition so I have been giving him Nutrical once a day. I suppose he is getting enough to eat because he is growing but he is my baby and I worry about him . . . he knows how to sit and shake, we are now working on coming when called, he can be such an independent little brat some times. ~ Diane


12/23/07: Axel and I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas. I sent some more photos of him to you. He is growing so fast I think he must be up to 40 pounds now. We just think the world of him and as you always tell me he is VERY special. He is so smart and very independent but he is very loving at the same time giving everyone lots of kisses. In your last e-mail you talked about coming here to visit him, I would LOVE to have you come and I am sure he would be happy to see you. ~ Diane




01/04/08: You could not ask for a better dog; he was house trained in less than two weeks, he knows how to sit, stay and shake. He is doing better on coming when I call him if he is not distracted by a chunk of snow, a stick or some other toy he found in the yard. He is really getting big, I am guessing 45 pounds, I will find out next week for sure when I take him in for his rabies vaccine . . . ~ Diane


03/25/08: CONGRATULATIONS [on the 03/08 Lady/Berrin litter]! I love the little white female, she axellooks just like Axel when he was a baby. He (photo at left) is doing GREAT, getting very big, not so much tall as stocky, I would say he weighs around 80 pounds. He is still a big baby but getting better with greeting strangers and wanting to give them kisses.


He starts his puppy class on April 11, I am anxious to take him there. Can you recommend what type of leash and collar I should have him wear during training.....he hates being on a leash and will plop and I have to try luring him with treats to get him moving. I am sending you [a picture] of him so you can see how big he has gotten. His color changes weekly it seems, last week he was mainly an orangish color and this week more white is coming back. We all still love him a great deal as he is VERY special and I could not ask for a better dog and I thank you every day for allowing me to bring him into our home . . .


Hey when is the dog show in Ann Arbor and are you still planning to come down. Will you still take Axel in the ring for me, I don't think my nerves can take it. ~ Diane


08/01/08: I have to tell you what Axel did the other day. He is a digger and it usually is not a problem I just wipe his paws off and let him in. But the other day he got into a sand pile and he looked like a dune when he came in. I scolded him and he put on his pouty face and walked right to the bathroom and sat by the tub waiting for me to put him in. He is so smart, how did he know I was going to give him a bath. After his bath he was still pouting and he went and laid beside my bed until I started hugging and kissing him and telling him he is still my sweetie. I just love this dog to death, thanks again for bringing him into my life. ~ Diane




02/28/09: Here are the certificates I have for Axel (Companion Dog Level 1, PennHip, WWKC Pedigree, WWKC Registration). I will also be sending you his service dog award as soon as I can find it. I measured him tonight, [in these photos] he is 29" from the shoulder and weighs 127 pounds. ~ Diane






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