This “Svedala's Majestic Anna-Rose /Excaliburs King of Hearts Zack ” litter is by breeder Kendall Mccoy. AAKS obtained these pups under a breeder's contract. Although AAKS was not the breeder and although AAKS did not own the parents of these pups, we placed them under our own contract with our same written guarantee on health, hips and temperament. We felt comfortable placing these pups and extending our guarantee because we do own two adult “Anna/Zack” dogs from this breeder. Follow these two links for DNA profile PDFs for Anna and Zack.



babylake11/21/07: Here is the newest family member. Already know she is a screamer in her crate!!!! View my photo show [of Ember's arrival] (PhotoShow link no longer exists ). ~ Anna and Doug (Georgia, USA)


12/20/07: At left is Ember's get-away view from her mom's cabin. Below are photos of her at 10 weeks. Her “mom” says she really is growing and doesn't want to sit still.





01/06/08: [Here are a} few pix of Ember at 12 weeks (PhotoShow link no longer exists) ... the one is typical of how she reacts if you try to get her to sit with you. ~ Anna


01/08/08: [Photo gallery of] hiking at Kennesaw Mtn today (PhotoShow link no longer exists). ~ Anna


02/20/08: Thought I would update you on Pissy Em...this time with some positive things, even tho her peeing has not improved. My mood is directly related to how much I have had to clean up or who is mad cos she peed all over them or their shoes.


We are about halfway or more thru basic obedience. She does quite well at heel, sit, lie down, kisses and watch. Her favorite is to "touch" where I hold my hand high in the air and she leaps to touch it. She also did very well with the agility ladder on the floor. Some dogs wouldn't even step over the first rung, but she ran up and down the whole thing. She is still fetching and will hold the ball in her mouth if she needs to get water, pee or whatever, letting me know that she isn't ready to quit yet.


I get really tickled of her at the cabin. She will roll her ball to the edge of the deck, watch it drop 50 or so feet, roll down the mountain towards the lake...and then run off the deck and use her nose to track it. She always finds it, even tho no one can see how far it went.


I am taking her to Asheville, NC with me this coming weekend. I will be looking at property and staying in a hotel. Hopefully, she will do well with meeting lots of new people and staying in a new place. Keep your fingers crossed for me. There is a dog park 5 minutes from the hotel, so I hope we can run off excess energy. She will be in offices and walking property, so we'll see how it goes. We are working on sit/stay & down/stay..but the "stay" part hasn't kicked in yet. That's too bad for this trip. ~ Anna


02/26/08: New Ember pix (PhotoShow link no longer exists) ... just turned 5 months and close to 50 pounds... ~ Anna


03/15/08: Just a quick note...took Em by the vet earlier in the week and had her weighed. 58lbs, and she has about 10 days till she is 6mos. She seems to be averaging 10lb/mo more or less. Notice I didn't call her Pissy! Things are going well; she is being a bit hard-headed, just like a human toddler, and loves to "escape" to the kids next door when we walk out front. They aren't so crazy about it cos she flattens them and licks them to death! ~ Anna


03/17/08: Left Ember loose in the house today for about 1 1/2 hours....(I was gone) pee, nothing destroyed!!! She has been in the bedroom at night for the past week with no I smiling???? YES!!!! Maybe 6 mos is the charm. She will still crawl under the bed and behind the sofa, but is much more willing to come forth for affection and seek attention. The only “negative” is that she now won't return the ball when I throw it...she wants to play the keep away game....and jump on people. We will work on the jumping...she is too big to do that. Even the people she “put off” by peeing are happy and doing well with her now that it is almost gone. Sandy & Xalina (trainers) said they thought it might be an age thing ( after she got over the fear peeing...) ~ Anna


04/18/08: Red [collar] female a/k/a Ember's DNA profile (PDA) ~ AAKS


04/30/08: Ember got her first boat ride this past weekend. We had to close the front gate because we were afraid she would jump in and the water was much too cold for us to go in after her! She did great. When the water is warmer, we'll let the others show her how to do the Titanic imitation off the front. [A web photo slide show of Ember on the boat — PhotoShow link no longer exists.] ~ Anna


04/30/08: Miss Ember did backslide a bit after she spent 4 days at a cage-free boarding facility and was then spayed. We were back to peeing in the house (Doug's closet..a major NO-NO) and pooping up in the guest bedroom. That cleared back up after 4-5 days and she has been fine. Very rarely does she submissively pee anymore. She seems to be gaining confidence and does not try to “hide” behind the furniture (or me) anymore. Maybe they all (KS) do this, but this is the first dog I have had that sleeps half on her back (twisted) with her feet touching the wall. I'll have to try and get a pix of it...but her favorite spaces are getting very dirty walls!!!! I have spoken with her “teacher” of obedience school, and we think it is time for her to get her CGC. Ember really need to have her mind occupied (or my whatever gets chewed up) With that said, I have been trying to walk her more and for longer periods of time to burn off energy (plus work on basic commands)...and here lies my only question at this point...Ember will stumble frequently on her right front leg. My OLD guys sometimes do it, but not sure what to attribute hers to. Any ideas?


Other than thinking she would jump in from the front of the moving pontoon boat, she did great on the boat. I can't wait to get her swimming. She got halfway up on all the seats and in the back of the boat...where the 13 y/o cocker sits...I got the funniest pix of Miche curling her lip up at Ember, like “this is my space”.

One last question...when I got Ember's stitches out (I think she was at 7 mos), she weighed only 68 lbs. I keep reading about dogs her age (yours) that are 10-20lbs more at this age. When did Windy hit the 100lb mark? I guess the problem is with me as that Gus, my lab, was 106 last week and is soooo much taller/larger than Ember. She is smaller than Atlas who is classified as small (76lbs)....No matter, she has wormed her way into our hearts (OK...barely at times) and I and hopefully seeing a long lasting relationship with her (!) and you. Just curious about size and the front leg issue. Wish she were larger!!!

Last, but not least....yes, every dog here is living the life of Riley. My husband wants to come back as one of my dogs (he says he will get more attention) My 2 oldsters are having their days....and I look at your puppies that are available...and then kick myself for thinking the word “puppy”. Missy Em needs another year of attention to develop before a newbie, foster or otherwise, comes in... ~ Anna


06/13/08: The "kids" after being at "camp" [PhotoShow link no longer exists ....gotta love the way Ember sleeps, more work for me with those dirty paws. ~ Anna


07/18/08: This is what the cabin is all about [PhotoShow album showing where Ember spends her weekends] at 6am yesterday. [PhotoShow link no longer exists .] ~ Anna


08/28/08: Hi...been spending so much time at the cabin during the renovation, and since we were robbed up there. Had to laugh, one guy (Direct TV) would not get out of his car with her around (at 8 mos).


I have to say that her being exposed to all kinds of workers and equipment/sounds....she is pretty much bomb-proof. We are almost thru with out Delta Society training and they don't expect her to not meet CGC and Delta. Honestly, Amy, I did not like this pup for 6 mos, but she is now the love of my life (even tho she bosses the other older dogs around). She and I were made to do social work ( now that my son is in college), to fill my time and to fulfill her drive ( which is HIGH!!!) How can a pup go from such a submissive state to Miss Congeniality? She still knows is she did wrong...she is under the bed for hours!!! Her whole CGC/Delta class LOVES her. Not to mention the 2 other shepherds bit people/drawing blood.


I would be interested in a large male. We were robbed up there a few weeks ago. Ember is of no value as a watch dog at this point, she barks and then gives kisses and a stranger walks in...


Thanks, Amy...she will be the light of my life (as she grows!!!). ~ Anna


09/16/08: . . . Had her at the vet today . . . She is a “tiny” girl at 90#. ~ Anna


09/20/08: Just a quick note to say Ember and I passed the CGC this morning! Delta Society test is in November. Now off to the Auburn/LSU game to see my son. ~ Anna


09/25/08: I can't wait for her to pass Delta. We have signed up for a trick class so that will be a bonus when we start working as a team.


As of yesterday, I took on a charity case that was going to be put down. He is a large LHGSD (85#) walking skeleton. Probably severe HD. Major skin issues, but just the sweetest personality (on an intact male, even). Somewhere (best vet guess) 5-7 y/o . . . Will treat the obvious symptoms, secondary yeast infection and major ulcers on his skin...and see how he does before we try to address the other issues. He is soooo grateful to have had 2 baths and a home. ~ Anna (AAKS note: For many years, Anna has rescued/fostered needy dogs and we commend her efforts. We oh-too-well know the need for foster a03homes that buy time for pets that would otherwise be put down due to lack of room in shelters. Rescue work picks up the pieces of animal lives traumatized by the neglect and abuse of owners that do not care what happens to their “throw-away pets” when they are tired of caring for them, and of breeders when the animals are no longer profitable to them.)


10/28/08: Took a pix of Ember's CGC...I don't have a scanner. Will try and get some new photos soon. She weighed 86lbs last Friday. Down 3, which is a good thing since she tries and likes to be a little on the "healthy" side! Took this pix of my 3 shepherd amigos just a while ago... ~ Anna


03/30/09: Sabre and Ember are still at the trainers . . . Sabre is quite the tough cookie to train! Ember has been very easy (!). I sent her for a short training session just as a refresher. Since Sabre came, she has turned a deaf ear to me. [The trainer] says I need to keep them apart until they figure out that I am back in control! Sabre is still being a drama king (as she calls it) and is quite the control freak. He wants all things his way and vocalizes quite loudly when they don't. She says that he even goes bonkers when she is petting Ember and he has to "sit/stay" . . Kinda quiet around here with only three dogs...nice change of pace!!!! ~ Anna


11/16/09: Just thought I would let you know that Ember and I are now a team for Therapy Dogs International. She passed with flying colors and the evaluators wanted to take her home. ~ Anna



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