This “Svedala's Majestic Anna-Rose /Excaliburs King of Hearts Zack ” litter is by breeder Kendall Mccoy. AAKS obtained these pups under a breeder's contract. Although AAKS was not the breeder and although AAKS did not own the parents of these pups, we placed them under our own contract with our same written guarantee on health, hips and temperament. We felt comfortable placing these pups and extending our guarantee because we do own two adult “Anna/Zack” dogs from this breeder. Follow these two links for DNA profile PDFs for Anna and Zack.



11/17/07: Our new addition, now possibly “Behr” short for Behrend, is as brave as a bear! He had a great ride home, didn't barf in the car which I was pretty amazed by. He did throw up here but had the appetite back in no time. He is playing, sleeping and eating well and seems to understand to ask to go outside. I ignored the signal once and he peed on the linoleum but otherwise he has been very clear about when he has to go. Angus and the cats are fine with him, some minor concern by the cats and some jealousy by Angus. Of course Brian and I adore him. . . . Anyway, things are going great! Wanted to let you know. ~ Melissa & Brian (Michigan, USA)


11/19/07: The vet check was great . . . no parasites. He was perfectly healthy, everything as it should be. The vet was VERY complimentary of you as a breeder. She said your paperwork and vet records were excellent . . . She did not recommend we feed the supplements or the glucosamine, concerned about promoting too much growth too fast. She did change the food to science diet . . . She very much admired the whole package you send with me including the pictures of Anna, Zack and siblings . . . We all agreed that he is beautiful and will be amazing. He is her first King Shepherd and she said she can't wait to see him grow! He weighed 13.5 pounds today. Your record from 11/15 said he weighted 12.1 pounds so he is growing great guns! Anyway we love him and he is absolutely a brave, beautiful boy. Thank you! ~ Melissa and Brian


11/24/07: [Behrend] is thriving! He is all energy, teeth and sleep right now. He has gained a little more than three pounds this week and I can see that he is bigger! Everything is going great with him, it is a riot to watch him play. ~ Melissa

sleeping behrbrian and behrbehr in arms


12/03/07: Thanks for the DNA profiles. Here are some photos of the rapidly growing Behrend. We are having a blast with him. ~ Melissa and Brian


carrytoylay down


12/18/07: Here are some photos of Behr from this morning. He is doing well. We think he is about 28 pounds now . . . Happy Holidays! ~ Melissa and Brian




01/27/08: He is 46 pounds as of yesterday. Gaining about 3.5 pounds a week. — Melissa


02/04/08: Behrend discovers furniture. ~ Melissa




03/01/08: He finished his first puppy class today...we are so proud...sniff.... ~ Melissa






03/27/08: He is 70 pounds, we haven't measured lately but will do so tonight. He is also a sweet boy and he gets cuter every day! ~ Melissa


04/18/08: No collar male a/k/a Behrend's DNA profile (PDA) ~ AAKS


05/05/08: Dog mom in action with camera - watch out world... ~ Melissa





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