tully pupPhoto at right is from 05/07.


06/07: Up to now everything has gone so well. She arrived a little late (11:00 PM) but seemed very comfortable. She was very glad to see usand didn’t seem a bit skittish. We followed your instructions and the 1st night she did amazingly well . . . My husband was very surprised but very receptive. I think he is glad to have a dog again. She has been an angel, barks to go out. I can’t believe it. She was in our guest room with Ty, my 15 year old grandson . She woke up and wandered over to the closet door and barked. We took her right out and she did her first bm here. I think she is very quick, she remembers and repeats a routine easily. We had a great night. She slept in the crate in our bedroom and after 2 or 3 minutes of a few whines, she slept all night until 6: 30 . . . Thanks for all your help, I didn’t expect not to contribute and was pleasantly surprised. We have great children, we are so blessed. ~ Lynn (Texas, USA)


06/07: Tully arrived last night with my parents [for me to babysit her]. She was the best traveler. They put the back seat down in my dad’s truck and had her kennel behind my dad’s seat and a rug in the rest of the area. She spent her time chewing on her toys or sleeping in her kennel. Could not have been a better trip. She is beautiful and the way she looks at you when you talk to her, it is almost like she completely understands what you are saying. She is such a happy dog that she reminds me of Tex. I thought he was the happiest dog in the world, but Tully is close. Tex and Tully are getting on well already and I can see already that Tex will miss her when she leaves. I enjoyed the pictures from the show. ~ Deb


tully lefttully centertully right


08/07: Lynn wrote us that, in the photos below taken at Aunt Deb's house, Tully is almost 50 lbs and has has learned to bring in the newspaper! ~ AAKS


tully 4tully5tully 6


tully bottom lefttully bottom centertully 9


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