09/07: Sam (owner) has done a great job titling Simba in obedience. At left is Simba (6 months old) and Sam with their certification. At right is Sam with Simba, me with Brutis. Brutis is a 9 month old half-brother to Simba (they share the sire, Polar). ~ AAKS








10/07: Simba is very energetic and loves to be around people and other dogs. His hobbies include running around the backyard, riding in trucks, and chewing on things. Whenever we first put him in his pen outside, after we leave, he'll always run laps around the inside until he needs a water break. Simba is very lovable and loves when people pet him. For a puppy he is also very curious, if he can see something put up high and he can't see what it is he'll jump up to try to get it and won't stop until he gets it. Simba is a joy to us all and we love having him with us. ~ Sami and Simba





12/07: Simba has gone to a new home on a beautiful, multi-animal farm in the Ohio, pictured at right. We couldn't be happier, not only for Simba but for his new family — Abby, Bruce, Bexlie, Bryndan and two other family dogs. Abby hopes to be able to take Simba into Special Needs classroom and to the Children's Hospital as a therapy dog. We feel he will be perfect for these tasks. Thank you to Simba's new family for their time traveling and visiting here with us at AAKS. And special thanks to grandmom for coming along; she will be a big part of Simba's life since she lives just down the road from the gang and has years of knowledge with animals herself. ~ AAKS


12/19/07: Well, Simba, Bryndan, Bexlie, and I are all starting Obedience classes in January. So far, Simba is doing quite well with sit, and lay. He LOVES to stretch out and lie down next to the kids when they are watching TV or doing homework. At first, he just wanted to run and jump on all of us all of the time, which was unacceptable. So, we put his short leash on him when he was in the house, (just like a horse with a lead hanging down), and one time when he went to jump up, he was actually standing on his leash, therefore wasn't able to jump! This has seemed to cure him as far as jumping on the inside. Now to get him to stop jumping all over the outside door when he wants to come back in ! ! ! Simba has had NO accidents in the house and takes turns sleeping with the kids at night. Simba seems to LOVE my husband, ESPECIALLY when he first comes in with his work boots on after being around the cattle. Simba just sniffs his boots and wags his tail and then goes and lies down by Bruce. Well, enough for now, as you can see, he is fitting in well! THANKS! ~ Abbie


01/05/08: Simba starts his obedience class tomorrow. We have private classes every Sunday from 2:00-3:00 for the next 4 weeks. Then we will take a few classes as a group if needed. Simba is adjusting QUITE well! My husband absolutely adores him ! ! ! ! Bruce told us when we brought Simba home that he just looked like an ordinary GS and that he was afraid he'd turn aggressive. So Bruce warned us that the first time he tried to bite our kids or any other kids, he was out of here. The other day, a delivery man came to the door (never having seen Simba who was running loose with the other dogs), and when I went to the door, the delivery man was standing there petting Simba! Bruce did not see this, but we told him, and he was very PLEASED! Since then, we have had about 3 other deliveries/visitors that were not expected. Simba responded the same way. Now Bruce is liking Simba even more! In fact, Bruce is even going to go down for Simba's first training session in Cincinnati.


Simba LOVES being outside loose all day with the other dogs, cat, horse, etc! However, around 10:00 PM, he wants in for the night. Of an evening, when everyone is home from school/work, Simba likes to come in and stretch out on the floor with the kids or sit next to Bruce. Bruce rubs his chin, neck, etc. until Simba gets so relaxed that he almost falls over! Simba really worked hard at getting Bruce to like him the first couple of days . . . With all that being said, Simba is very fair with his attention to every family member. You can tell he is the happiest lying on the family room floor, with each child on either side of him, but close enough to the couch where Bruce and I can take our feet and still rub him. He loves being with all of us at the same time. If only 2-3 of us are in a room together, he continually gets up and goes to check on or spend some time with whoever is not in the family room.


There is only one thing that has bothered me with Simba. We have touched Simba, moved his food bowls, etc. when he is eating and he has been GREAT! However, two different times, while chewing on a bone in the family room, Bryndan has attempted to pet him on the back (between the shoulder blades) and Simba has snapped and growled at him. The first time I was about 12 feet from him and I yelled at him in a deep voice and he stopped. A couple of days later, I was sitting on one side of Simba and Bryndan was on the other side while Simba was chewing on a bone. I petted Simba and he was fine so I had Bryndan pet him. Once again, Simba growled and and snapped at him. Since I was right there, I immediately raised my voice, yanked his collar, and rolled him over onto his back. This was about 5 days ago and we have not tried the bone thing again. Do you think that we should try again or ask the trainer about what to do? Like I said, this is the ONLY thing that he has ever done. We can take toys out of his mouth (although he really doesn't like toys much, he prefers the human attention), can move his food bowls when he is eating, etc. Any suggestions ???????


We just got a BIG dog box that we bought off of our neighbor. He is a builder and no longer has any dogs and wanted to get rid of this HUGE thing. This "house" is 5 feet tall, and 4 x 6 feet in Depth and width and has a little insulation and vinyl siding. All three of our dogs can easily fit inside with Bryndan and a few of the cats! We haven't had a lot of success getting them to go in unless Bryndan is in there! Oh well, I guess when it gets cold enough they will use it! ! ! !


Have you seen any of Simba's first family? If you do, please let them know that he is doing well and is very happy. Oh yeah.... a while back, we had a really warm day (around 53°). We noticed that the dogs were not outside, so we called and called, and here they came. They had taken a walk over to the pond. The Golden (age 12) actually got in, but Simba and the other dog just waded to their bellies as you could see where they were wet and where they were dry. They must have had a great time, as they all came back and crashed for a while on the porch with the sun streaming in on them! ~ Abbie


NOTE: Simba's family did the correct thing by not accepting this type of behavior when the dog began to display “ alpha” tendencies. Without firm correction, any dog (but especially a large dog) can become dangerous. Owners must understand that correction and structure is not mean or cruel or abuse; it is necessary for the dog's happy future. It is the responsible thing for an owner to do. ~ AAKS


01/18/08: Last night, Bryndan was working with Simba. Simba is now able to , “sit”, “come”, “stay”, “wait”, and lay using mostly hand signals and no treats! We were so proud of him! Simba still needs a lot of work on “heel”. He will do alright, but then see something and want to take us for a walk! I am glad that we are doing the training before he gets too big ! ! !


Simba did try to pull the Alpha Male growl w/ Bryndan again. It was so strange. Bryndan can move Simba, move his bowls, etc. while he is eating, but if Bryndan sits too close to him while Simba has a certain bone or ice cubes, Simba will snarl. Simba has done this 3 times. Each time it is less of a snarl, but the last time he did it (Wed.) I grabbed him again, rolled him over, had Bryndan stand over him and look down on Simba and in a very strong voice, Bryndan told him it was unacceptable, then we put him right outside so he did not get to play with all of us that evening. I spoke to a friend who has a shepherd. He suggested that IF it happens again, that I should be there, but allow Bryndan to grab him, roll him over, etc. so that he understands that Bryndan means business. Hopefully that will not happen again, as Simba was not happy about going outside and not being with us that evening. ~ Abbie (see NOTE above)


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