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05/30/08: Photos sent by Rain's owner, Sharon, who says she loves Rain very much. Rain is in training as an assistant aid dog trainer to help Sharon with her daily task. They live in California, USA ~ AAKS










Rain looks so much like her Uncle Berrin. If we didn't know this was Rain, we would think it was Berrin.

This is a photo of Sharon's dear Tippy, who died in a fire.


AAKS note: Sharon passed away in June 2009. We will never forget how good she was to our pup, and have created a permanent memorial page for her.


t0109/14/09: Rain has been placed in a home where she will continue the work she was trained for, giving to others as has her mom, Cilla, has for so many years. I wish to thank everyone for their inquiries about Rain. We were overwhelmed with great prospects, but (of course!) could only choose one one home for Rain. We want to assure all of you who were not selected that all of you sounded like wonderful homes, but our decision was based on the fact that Rain will be continuing with her aid dog training. We will contineu to follow Rain's progress with updates about her new family and about what's she's doing and learning.


AAKS NOTE: After the death of Rain's first owner, she came back to our farm, but soon found a new home that will utilize her aide skills. We begin this chapter of Rain's life with the inquiry from her new owner.


"I have been an owner of German Shepherds for the past 20 years. My dogs are not just a part of my family, they are my family. They live in the house, are well trained to know what kind of behavior is acceptable and what is not. They live in the house, are my friends and companions, sleep on my bed and for the most part think they are human. I live . . . on the Tippecanoe River on a little over three acres of land. I am a Catholic priest and pastor of three churches. My dogs have been used in Nursing Homes, hospitals and in Hospice Care. I recently lost my male Shepherd named Rex who was nine and a half years old, and I have a very healthy female Shepherd named Cassy who will be 13 on September 4th. I am not looking for a dog to breed, I am looking for a new companion that can help me in my ministry. Rain, that you show on the front page of your website might be a possibility . . .


"Rain is the dog I could be very interested in for my family and my ministry. I believe that I could provide her with a very good loving home with just me and my other Shepherd “Cassy”. I would presume that she would enjoy continuing with nursing homes, doing some camping, and traveling and swimming in the river . . .


" . . . if I am able to acquire Rain, in addition to Nursing Homes and Hospice, I plan to use her in the K-9 team sponsored by the Indiana Department of Mental Health and the Chaplains Program with the Indiana State Police (I am a State Police Chaplain). This team of dogs is trained and used in crisis situations just to give comfort to people who are involved in crisis situations. My dog Cassy, who will be 13 on Friday is too old now to do this kind of work. Looking forward to your response." ~ Fr. Bert (Indiana, USA)


Also, though I am sent many animal rescue/interest items, this one from Fr. Bert about a fawn and bobcat befriending each other after a fire especially tugged my heartstrings because of our own bobcat, Mayko.


09/09/09: We arrived home at about 9:30 last night. Rain & Cassy rode in the back seat of the truck very well. Not a single growl or snarl out of either one. Rain spent the night on my bed and just loved ear scratches and tummy rubs while in bed. I only had to correct her once and that was when she tried to stop and pee on the carpet in the dining room, an instant loud “no” from me stopped that.


Cassy corrected her once this morning with a quick bark and a showing of teeth but that was over in an instant. Cassy seems to be a little amazed at the energy that Rain has. Rain seems to be adjusting very well so far to her new environment. Right now both are asleep at my feet as I try to get caught up on some of the computer work. Rain has an appointment for tomorrow morning to get her shots updated. Within a week or so I will send you some pictures of Rain & Cassy at home together. ~ Bert


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