Nitro King Shepherd pupy05/07: Here’s Nitro at 8 weeks old . His ears were straight up most of the day today. He has a vet appointment tomorrow and we’ll get to see what he weighs. When I put him on the scale with me today, he weighed 17 pounds, but that’s approximate. His name should be “Sassy!”He likes to bad mouth when he gets scolded. We’ll let you know how the appointment goes tomorrow . . . Since his jet-lag wore off, he doesn’t sit still long enough for pictures anymore! How ’bout those ears!! I am going to take pictures outside this weekend because sometimes he has a blue cast...from the flash, maybe. I think something wound him up this morning because he was terrorizing the entire house (as only a puppy can do). [In the one photo] I think he looks like a bat! Thank goodness he’s not as scary in real life...yet. — Gina and Rick (Pennsylvania, USA)


Nitro King Shepherd puppyKing Shepherd pupnitroearsNitro Nitro


Nitro and toy Nitro


05/07: Here is Nitro at 10 weeks (photo at left). When I weigh him with me on the scale, he weighs 25 pounds! What a personality!! He is definitely ALL BOY! I wish I could take more pictures, but he still doesn’t sit still long enough for pictures . — Gina and Rick








06/07: Here is Nitro at 11 weeks. On the scale with me this morning, he weighed 28.5 pounds. Our last puppy class is this coming Tuesday. Then we will be looking into obedience training. His next vet appointment is June 11, then we’ll see what he officially weighs. Everything is going well with him. He is either running around the house finding trouble to get into--or sleeping. That’s his two interests right now! He really enjoys going for rides also. — Gina and Rick


Nitro leapsNitroNitro sad


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