05/08/07: Goldie is fine and doing well . . . I took her for a walk and is extremely well behaved. She stayed by my side at all times, did not pull, bite the leash, or anything disobedient . . . I cannot thank you enough for sending me a perfect dog. Everyone here thinks she is a beaut. I am sure it was hard for you to part with her but I can assure you, she will be taken care of and loved very much. Today, we took her out on the town square at a cafe. We did receive compliments on her and they were in awe on her age . . . She did use the bathroom today and was on the regular leash. While on a walk, a small dachshund started chasing us and she did very well as we kept moving. She didn’t fight me at all. Of course, thanks to The Dog Whisperer, I applied part of his technique. — Gino (Georgia, USA)


05/14/07: Goldie is really coming along now. She is adapting well to everyone in the house and has even shown her protective side towards the kids. My mother-in-law was swinging one of the lil ones around and Goldie didn’t like it because she thought the lil one was being hurt. But all was well afterward. My mother-in-law likes that about Goldie. As far as my sweetie, she starts crying whenever I leave her even though Britt is there. When she sees me, she gets excited and rubs all over my leg and licks me. Its nice to finally have an awesome dog in my life. I’ll be starting obedience classes with her later this week or next week. I had her puppy wellness exam at the [veterinary] Hospital. All was well and they adored her and asked many questions. Everywhere I go with her, I get compliments. So that is nice. — Gino


06/07: We now will be starting classes with Goldie since we don't have any further distractions. As for the smaller children here, the youngest one is more outgoing and brave. So she isn't afraid of her at all. goldieShe's less than 50lbs but thinks she can handle her. HAHA! As for the older one, she is less aggressive and much more calm with Goldie. But all in all, those are Goldie's playmates out in the yard and she knows it. She does work well for dog treats. She has bonded to me the most and that is exactly what I wanted. I take her out for runs and play with her as much as possible. I do all of her training from, lay, sit, rolling over, and her shaking. I am working on her beg posture now. And the compliments continue to flow. We have a floor AC vent that is her favorite spot to lay on. After a run, we fight for that spot. Haha! I have included some pictures and hilarious footage of Goldie. Enjoy and post these up if you would like! ~ Gino (Download and play AVI videos of Goldie being “ dead asleep” 12.21MB & howlin' with the wolves 4.71MB.)




goldie and gino06/26/08: It's been sometime since I have sent you an email about Goldie. She has been the best addition to my family here. I consider her my eldest daughter and love her just the same as my biological daughter. She has become very protective of this household and everyone in it. Since I have been stationed at Ft. Gordon, 2 hours away, I come home every weekend. I am greeted with great love from her as she jumps all over me, on her belly for me to scratch, and back into my arms in a hug position. I am usually pretty scratched up by the time she calms down. At first, I thought I should break of her of this habit but decided not to due to me appreciating her display of goldie and familyaffection when I return home. So I just wear my full long sleeve uniform to cut back on the scratches. Upon waking every morning, she usually would be there nuzzling at my hand or trying to jump in bed with Britt and I. Unfortunately Britt does not want dogs in the bed. So I lost that battle there. However, when Britt isn't around and I want to lay down, I sneak Goldie in.


I cannot continue to go on in this email about her as it pains me to type. As of yesterday, my father in law found her dead outside. I goldie and babyreceived the call around 6pm from him notifying me of the news. I rushed home in 1.5 hrs to see her and not want to believe it at the same time. I had her taken in for an autopsy this morning to determine the cause of my 1.5 year old baby. The vet determined cause of death by colic of the small intestine. They were very badly inflamed and twisted. Therefore she had been poisoned by her own waste. I have served in the military for 5 years, I have lost some buddies, I have lost a best friend 8 years ago. But i have NEVER lost anyone this close to me.Beautiful Goldie, we miss you, friend.This has been the worst 24 hour period in my life. It is hard for me to be in her area of which she dwelled or in our own bed of where she would wake me up. Last night was nearly impossible to sleep because it was too quiet. I didn't hear her pre-sleep groans or her rotating and bumping the sides of her kennel. Sleep is my escape and a dreaded spot to where I dream she is there then wake up hoping her passing was a nightmare only to realize I will only see her in memories. Instead of burying her, I am having her cremated because I was not ready to let her go. And if I bury her, I will not be able to re-locate her once I move.


I have included some recent [PhotoBucket] photos here and [here] . . . You are more than welcome to call me if you'd like, however, I don't know if I will be able to muster out the words needed to communicate. I have lost my best loyal friend and MY family member. She was not just a dog to me. She was my fury eldest daughter. Once again, I am at my deepest regrets to report this news as she was close to you when you had her. ~ Gino


AAKS NOTE 06/08: Goldie died from bloat at the age of 18 months. As difficult as it was for him, Goldie's owner Gino explained what happened and wants to help make others aware of bloat, which occurs especially in the large dog breeds . Goldie stayed at AAKS until she was 5 months old and became a special part of our family, but we had no reservations passing her on to Gino because we knew those two were a perfect match. It has been very difficult for us here because this is our first puppy death and has made us face how, though the pups are at new homes, they always remain a part of our lives as well. We know how much Goldie meant to this family and especially Gino, and we are thankful that Goldie was so well loved and understood by her owners. We can only say how very, very sad we are for this family.


07/11/08: We thank Goldie's owners for links to Goldie's entire online photo album and these wonderful photos of her and the children.


AAKS NOTE 09/14/10: As horrible as it was for Goldie's owner to experience what happened, we are thankful he was willing to share what happened and what he learned. The information he provides continues to help other dog owners (not just King Shepherd) understand and learn to cope with their own loss due to this condition, and they in turn share what they have learned about twisted intestine/canine bloat to, in turn, help others.


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