AAKS Polar/Windy 12/16/06 Litter Puppy Owners

Angel Bella Bolero Breeze Brutis Goldie Greta Meeka Sheba Samiam Tuco


March 2007: Angel is doing great. She is growing like a weed and is getting along great with everyone (well maybe she is torturing our [Cavalier] King [Charles] Spaniel a little). She sure is a little ball of fun. She is working well with a leash and is starting to give us plenty of notice when she needs to go outside. Thanks for such a great dog. I’ll try to send some pics when I get them . . . — Brian (Georgia, USA)


September 2007: This isn't the best pic but one that shows off her golden color well. She was weighed about a month ago and was about 75 lbs.  Now I am guessing she is 80 or so lbs. I'll get some better pics for you when I get home. She sure likes to get outside and RUN. When I am at home, she follows me everywhere (I love that!). ~ Elizabeth

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