Guardian Kings Sheba of Amy’s Acres  


03/07: What a sweet pistol!!! Ranger plays with [Sheba] outside under strict supervision, mine! [Sheba] can pounce at him, growl, climb all over him, bite his ears, just not get his ball! In one photo you can see her tail up. I think it will stay down as she gets older. Her ears are already standing up at times! Amy, I can’t tell you how precious she is and how well she fits in with Brittney and Ranger. They let her rowdy all over them, but when they stand up, she knows she needs to pay attention to them. She’s one smart cookie!! — Susan (Texas, USA)


sheba toysheba bathsheba sleep

At 8 weeks & 12 lbs, at her new home, 02/07

Sheba's first swim (at 9 weeks), 02/07 Sleeping baby Sheba, 02/07


sheba hosesheba dishsheba stand

At 10 weeks, helping water plants, 02/07

10 Weeks, 02-03/07 10 Weeks, 02/07


sehba friend 1sehba friend 2sehba friend 3

Sheba at 5 months, 55 lbs with Brittney 7 years, 58 lbs, 05/07

Sheba & Brittney, 05/07 Sheba & Brittney, 05/07


03/27/08: Sheba's VGL report PDF (DNA Proof of Parentage) submitted by Susan. ~ AAKS


05/21/09: We realize that we never noted Sheba's owner says her PennHip scores are L.47 R.44 . ~ AAKS


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