03/07: Well, we are in the first few days and puppy is wonderful, very sweet. Meeka is still working out meekathe kinks in [her] relationship [with the other dogs] . . . She is a wonderful dog she is very loving and loves the kids. She is already walking on leash [along] with [our dog] Sasha. I would love to take credit for this speedy learning process, however Sasha taught her the secrets of the leash . . . I am excited for what the future will bring she meekahas so much potential I could not be more happy. Thank you from the whole family. — Michelle (British Columbia)


03/07: Meeka is so good with my kids that I could not see me ever owning any other breed now. My littlest daughter and Meeka have a very special bond. When all the other kids are out at school or play dates, Maya and Meeka play together in the yard and house for hours! Even though Meeka was not the most outgoing in the litter she is the perfect dog for children. We love her so much. Even the queen bee of the house Sasha has warmed up to her. Our littlest dog also has a great time with her and what is so nice is even though Chip is a pom-chi and tiny, Meeka plays very gently with him. Thanks again — Michelle




06/07: . . . just wanted to send you these pics of my beautiful girl. She is a stunner to look at (if perhaps a little gangly). She and I went to the beach and a busy board walk and she was so well behaved it was like another dog. I am so glad I spoke to David and you when I felt something might be amiss. You have to approach every situation with positive energy and know in your heart she can accomplish the task set before her. I have had to correct her a couple of times but very mild little tug to letter know I am watching her body language and she needs to submit to me and not to take the situation into her paws. Now with the time at home doing her commands getting them down strong (I also taught her to play dead) she knows I am the leader. I know a great deal of this situation lays at my door step.


I think Meeka is just a very submissive pup who was getting the wrong messages from me. It is so important people stick to their intuition, I felt that the training method was not working but thought like so many, oh it must be just me not doing it correctly. But I think if I had dealt with perhaps a different method of training it would have saved a great deal of headaches for both Meeka and me. All I can say is if [one is} not comfortable with what’s going on [one need’s] to change it. Thanks again for all your great support and advice. ~ Michelle


meeka and girlmeeka profilemeeka down


Photos below from 12/03/07:




12/27/07: It is always a pleasure to hear from you and I will keep in touch as I am going to [pick] your brain for breeding information, you are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for sharing the pic of Saint/Axel. I feel honored that you think to send pictures of your other babies to me. He is a wonderful looking pup. I am looking forward to mine . . . I hope you have a wonderful New Year and please keep in touch as I consider you a friend. ~ Michelle


01/28/08: . . . Meeka is still by and large (don't tell any of my other furry friends) my favorite she has a gentle soul when I look into her eyes she is a real friend who feels the world is best when she is sitting beside you . . . ~ Michelle


04/30/08: My daughter brought her new 9 month old puppy to our house to play. Storm was great, Sasha made sure everyone played nice, Meeka decided he was less confident than she and tried to intimate him, I was very surprised. I did explain in very firm terms [my daughter] needed to deal with him and she did. Although this does not seem like much, for Meeka it is a huge break through. She did deal with him and even inside the house. I really love to see her make steps forward in her life. Dogs are wonderful animals. I could not imagine life without them. I would love for you to come out an see my first litter and see your kids (pups) in their home . . . Thanks ~ Michelle


05/18/08: I had to send the one of Meeka and Maya - it's too funny. Also these show how well these dogs blend into family life with kids and other small animals. ~ Michelle




meeka05.18.08: I am absolutely astonished at the differences in these dogs personalities. Meeka is shy however she is doing much better with all of that. Storm is a goof who is always testing to see if I mean what I say ( like the command come). She is a dog's dog and much prefers to play with her buddies than come when she is called, but she is a big love bug none the less. Then Sparkle comes so sweet and gentle and loves to be with people. I am really interested to see how she turns out. If someone asked me why I love these dogs the way I do I would reply that they are loyal and loving to a fault . . . they give so much and ask for very little in return, happy to just be with you. oneIt is really a rare quality that dogs have that allow them to be such positive animals, I feel we could all do well to learn from them. Even when a dog has a horrible life I believe they still hold out the hope that the next moment with you could be a good one. Thank you Amy for all you do for animals in need. ~ Michelle


07/20/08: The family is doing very well, the kids love the new puppies and I have sent you some pictures so you can see the doggy clan [Meeka, Ricken, Sparkle, & Storm] and how they look. The vet said he thinks [Meeka] may have had a bad reaction to the surgery and this should resolve itself in time. I love [this] one of Meeka (at left) sleeping in the back of my bent knee. Sparkle is very confident and outgoing, nothing seems to bother her at all. Ricken is a people dog, he loves being under your feet. ~ Michelle


AAKS Note: Meeka passed away in 2009 from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and is sadly missed by her entire family. Meeka is the only AAKS pup to have this condition. After much research on the subject and after consulting with our veterinarian, our canine fertility specialist (a working dog breeder herself), and with Michigan State University, it has been concluded this incident in our breeding program is a fluke. EPI has occurred in GSDs, but our opinion is that the occurrence of EPI in certain KSD breeders' offspring is due to their using GSDs in their breeding program (as well as re-papering GSDs as King Shepherds). Windy was bred with Polar only that one litter and that pairing will never be repeated. We strive to conduct our breeding program with full disclosure — no “smoke and mirrors” or flat-out misrepresentation.


meeka02meeka0102/05/10: I was just going through my pic for the web site and Paul asked if he could look at Meeka again, so we found some of her pictures.


I was amazed at how hard it was to look at her again. I really loved her and so did my family; for all her faults she was so gentle and loving to her family and people she knew. I still miss her terribly I would ask if ever another pup who looked like Meeka comes along please let me know as I will take her in a minute. Here are some lovely pics of Meeks. ~ Michelle


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