Patriot Kings Princess Piper




01/06: Well [Piper’s] arrived and in great shape. Took all day at the airport to clear customs, seems they have minimum staff on weekends so I guess in future it’s better to fly during the week. It’s a lovely -25° here in Alberta, she’s adapted pretty good to the cold, only out for business reasons though. She has a great personality and is fitting in great. Well, “Bear” doesn't think so but they will work things out, “Baby” is great with her, when he’s had enough he just walks away. ~ Barb and Rudy, Alberta, Canada





01/07: [Below] are some updated photos at 13 weeks. ~ Barb




03/07: [Piper's now six months and 62lbs, still working on the ears. She and [one of our other dogs] are working on their Intermediate Level 2 certificate, so far so good she's doing great. ~ Barb & Rudy




08/07: Piper is growing fast, [at 10 months on the 7th] she's about 87 lbs and loving the water! ~ Barb


seven10/07: [Here is a] one year photo of Piper. I took this on 30 Sept in our back yard, boy hasn't she grown!! She and Rudy are now doing Level 3 Obedience and doing very well, she's one smart cookie. Since there aren't any rarity shows around here we're looking at showing her in obedience trials and if everything goes well maybe get in to agility, I think she'd be great at it. We're looking forward to the upcoming addition, puppy proofing again (not hard as we're always keeping an eye). ~ Barb & Rudy


01/17/08: . . . thank you so much for your as usual good advice . . . We'll have the DNA testing done also and I'm hoping to get Piper CGC tested too once I find someplace out here.


Our intent was to start slow in establishing ourselves, learning all we can along the way. This is a long term commitment for us and we believe the breed is very special and deserves the chance to flourish as long as it is done responsibly. I know when we met up with you that you were honest and reliable and truly want the best for the dogs, that means everything to us. In future as we have more to offer we would like to be involved too and that time will come. In the mean time, we are looking after our animal family and planning on future growth. The good thing is Rudy is home all the time and that helps a lot. I'm starting to work up to my next tour to Afghanistan which will be my last after which we will be posted to our retirement location where I can become more involved as my career slows down. Our plan was to start now, establish a web page etc to hopefully bring the breed to the forefront even though we're not breeding as of yet. This allows our name to get out there, and the opportunity to refer contacts to other places, such as you . . . your honesty and integrity means a lot to us and therefore you deserve the same . . . you're the best ~ Barb


AAKS NOTE: Piper's owners are Patriot King Shepherds , listed on our site as an upcoming KSD breeder. These folks are a great example of the commitment that AAKS looks for in those interested in breeding KSDs. We wish Barb and Rudy happiness and success helping to establish the King Shepherd breed standard!


02/19/08: Here is Piper's [PennHIP] results: Left .47 and Right .53 . . . she's doing well, very active in the back 40 here, had her first encounter with a moose last week as we had one in the back yard. She's a whole lot of bark but not much bite, or she's just being really smart and not taking on something that big. It took off once Baby put his two cents worth in! She enjoys chasing the birds at the bird feeder, they put up with her though a big blue jay scared the pants off her when he chased her right back! Still winter here, at least it's warmed up a bit but still lots of snow to play in. ~ Barb & Rudy


05/17/08: Got the results for Piper's DNA. [Here] is a copy for your records. ~ Barb


twentyseven07/25/08: Just wanted to give you an update on Piper and some photos. She has calmed down a bit now and she and Payton have become great friends, although she's missing Baby. She's a gorgeous girl and turns heads wherever we go, everyone wants to pet her as her coat is so nice. She seems to be darkening a bit, she especially looks darker when she's wet as you can see in [the photo]. We took Piper and Payton for a swim in the lake yesterday and she's just like a fish but more cuddly! We're hoping to complete the CKC Good Neighbour qualification when the next testing session is, will let you know how that goes. ~ Barb and Rudy


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